Plainfield was originally designed by Elias Hadley and Levi Jessup and was officially incorporated in 1839. At this point, a substantial population of Quakers settled in the area and gave it its name due to their identification as 'plain' people. The central road, route 40, ensured that the town could maintain growth, and the town became famous for as the location of a practical joke played on President Martin Van Buren. Today, the area is occupied by a diverse population of individuals, and the headquarters of the Islamic Society of North America was established in Plainfield in the 1980s.

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Located in Hendricks County, Plainfield, Indiana is a small town nestled in the Washington, Guilford and liberty townships. The town currently possesses an estimated population of 27,631 and is the 36th largest community in the state. Housing in the area is predominantly made up of single-family homes with only a sprinkling of housing alternatives.

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