360 Homes For Sale in Grants Pass, OR

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Grants Pass, Oregon, exemplifies that small-town lifestyle while also providing a thriving community that is able to deliver an eclectic atmosphere. With a beautiful wilderness environment, there are many homes around the Merlin area that are nestled in the trees and provide a scenic view. There are, however, many suburban areas that make up a large part of Grants Pass, and one can find a variety of home types in these areas. Condos and townhomes are available as well as large, multi-bedroom properties and smaller single-family residences.

The surrounding wilderness definitely gives Grants Pass a rugged vibe. The amenities that are offered extend much further than the movie theaters, restaurants and cafes of the suburban hubs. The Rogue River runs through the middle of the town and is a renowned place to go white water rafting in Oregon. There are numerous parks and hiking trails throughout the city that inject the perfect amount of nature into the environment. There are also national parks and stunning campgrounds that are perfect for a relaxing getaway or even just a quick day trip. Grants Pass offers everything the typical outdoorsman could ask for.

The city itself is also known for its history. Downtown Grants Pass has been declared a national historic district due to its buildings dating back to the 1800s. This district, while keeping its rustic charm, has been renovated with a modern touch, which has created a more pedestrian-friendly setting and increased the economic production. The sense of community can also be felt through things like the growers market or Friday art night, which bring people together to experience local food and entertainment. The mild Grants Pass climate should also be showcased. The city is located in the "sun belt" area of Oregon, so very sunny days should be expected, with moderately low rainfall each year. Grants Pass, Oregon, is a perfect destination to settle down and explore.