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Deborah Fonseca

Long & Foster Real Estate

About Deborah

My husband and I lead The Fonseca Group at Long & Foster. There is nobody who can serve you better for all your Real Estate needs in the entire D.C. Metro area. We are licensed in VA, DC & MD, & are part of the elite Gold Team at L&F.

Our Team is among the Top Producers in the DC Metro area. We consistently sell our listings within a couple of weeks, and within 1% of listing price.

We cover every detail of your transaction, and can assist with Residential or Commercial.

Modern technology is an important tool in this business. We combine the latest techniques in marketing, social media, & photography to help you sell or purchase your home in record time, and with utmost professionalism.

Between us, we have vast experience in the private sector, in government, and in the military. For decades, we have dealt with CEOs, Generals, Presidents, Ambassadors, and folks from every walk of life, and every culture.

Our motto is "Excellence in Real Estate", and that is the way we do business.

It's an honor to be associated with Long & Foster - the largest independent Real Estate company in the U.S. We are also associated with Christie's International Real Estate, and The Leading Real Estate Companies of the world - so we can help you find a top Realtor anywhere.

We have raised 5 children in this area, and some of them help us in the business. As a family, nobody will care for your needs like we will. We have a passion for people, and for Real Estate.

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Deborah's most recent endorsements

"To those of you looking for a Realtor, you are probably familiar with what many say is the first rule of buying and selling property-- that the most important question is location, location, location. But they would be wrong. The most important rule is hiring an agent that has integrity, integrity, integrity. I know Deborah well and she will not compromise herself to get a sale or commission and at a time when getting the deal done is all some think about-- she does not. She thinks about her client and whether the deal is good for them. She and her husband, Rene, are great people and consummate professionals.You will enjoy working with them as you sell or buy property." BOB FLORES Of Counsel at Gammon & Grange, P.C. – Deborah Fonseca
"Rene and Deborah are the definition of customer service and have a drive and determination not seen so much in today's resale of real estate market. Recently a friend of mine was trying to hire an attorney for his office in Washington, DC and lost the candidate because the sales agent working with him was not able to find him a property to purchase nor were they accommodating to him since he was from Texas. My friend reached out to me and I reached out to Deborah and Rene to see if they could help. They searched high and low and worked according to this gentleman's schedule and located him a property which he closed on and he is now gainfully employed at the DC lawfirm. My friend was extremely pleased and I was extremely grateful to Deborah and Rene since it was my reputation on the line. They demonstrated how important customer service is and how hard they worked for their customers. They do this for everybody. I would refer this team to anybody looking for a property. They go above and beyond." JOE AMATANGELO President Property Management at Long & Foster Companies – Deborah Fonseca
"Deborah's excellent real estate skills quickly sold our house. While working out of town she handled everything for us and made our selling experience pleasurable. We are grateful for her expertise. We would use her in the future and recommend her services to all." ED MEHRINGER Store Manager at Farm Fresh – Deborah Fonseca
"Deborah is a very dependable agent! She will get the job done regardless of obstacles! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER!" ----------- LISA SHULER Capital Life Church – Deborah Fonseca
"It is a pleasure to recommend Deborah DeMoss Fonseca. I have know Deborah as both a colleague and as a friend for over thirty years. She is straightforward and honest and never sways from the principles that have guided her throughout the years that I have known her. It is an honor to be asked to recommend Deborah." ---------- MARY LYNN QURNELL ------- US Board President of Nyumbani USA/Children of God Relief Fund, Inc. – Deborah Fonseca
" have known Deborah for over 20 years. I find her to be a person of integrity and professionalism with an exceptional business acumen. I highly recommend Deborah for her multiple talents and for her kwnowlege in the Real Estate field." ---------- LILLO GLORIOSO ----- President at Travel Tours International, Inc. – Deborah Fonseca
"I sincerely recommend Deborah as a Realtor because I know her professionalism, honesty, and capability. She specializes in relocation and first time home buyers due to her personal attention, great knowledge of neighborhoods and also her excellent economic criteria regarding Real Estate investments. She is a great professional that I recommend without reservation." ---------- OSCAR URQUIA ----- Area Director at Man in the Mirror – Deborah Fonseca
"Deborah is hard working and very good she is a people person and can successfully be the best at what her and Rena are doing in at selling homes in the McLean area." ---------- ANOTHONY BARAJAS ----- Marketing Director for News Outlets – Deborah Fonseca
"Deborah is a "change agent" and problem solver with political acumen. I have known Deborah for several years and she is a woman of great integrity and wisdom. Her background and life experience makes her uniquely qualified to address a variety of situations. I am please to give her my highest recommendation and anyone who has Deborah on their team will see great results!" ---------- ANNA PILATO ----- Senior Executive creating strategic public-private partnerships – Deborah Fonseca
"Deborah and Rene Fonseca are amazing realtors. Their personal service to their clients raises the bar for all others. They are very knowledgeable about the current market and the trends that help to sell your home at the best possible price. When we sold our house and there were issues with the offer (due to the buyer's representative), they were on top of it. I highly recommend both Rene and Deborah, not only for their professionalism and knowledge, but also for their impeccable integrity and character." ----------- DAWN BOCANEGRA ---- Paralegal at Owens, Nelson, Owens & Dupree, PLLC – Deborah Fonseca
" Deborah is a committed to the welfare of her clients and provides professional assistance with deep integrity. She is dedicated to her clients and will seek to provide exactly what best suits their needs." ---------- NANCY WELCH ---- Manager/Director at Immanuel Christian Bookstore – Deborah Fonseca
"I recommend Deborah with great enthusiasm. She has great people skills, and is fun to work with. ----- GEORGINA BERLIOZ ---- Owner at Telas Boutique Internacional – Deborah Fonseca
"Character, determination and competence always matter and Deborah brings each to every situation in which she is involved." ------ ROCKY BUTLER ---- Managing Partner at Core Point Partners, LLC – Deborah Fonseca
"Aside from being wonderful parents to a great group of kids, I know the Fonseca’s to be consummate professionals with strong work ethics. Rene took the time to show me past examples of his work as a residential developer and Deborah is well regarded for her client service in the non-profit sector. I highly recommend them as Realtors." ----- GENARO PEDROARIAS --- Associate, Booz – Deborah Fonseca
Allen – Allen
Hamilton – Hamilton
"Recommending Deborah and Rene Fonseca is easy. They are both highly motivated salespersons, but there is a difference, they really care about their clients. When this team helps you find a home rest assured it will be the right one for you and the right price. I can speak confidently knowing that integrity is the cornerstone of their professional and personal lives." ------ JoANN KOKINDO ------ Associate Broker at Long and Foster Realtors® – Deborah Fonseca
"I have known Deborah in various capacities over many years. She is a hard-working entrepreneur with a strong commitment to her work. She can be counted on to be a proactive representative on behalf of her clients. Her near-native fluency in Spanish is a big plus in today's marketplace." ----- FRANK ALMAGUER ---- Former United States Ambassador – Deborah Fonseca
"I’ve known Rene and Deborah for more than 20 years both professionally and personally. They are passionate about their work. Their integrity is without reproach. Their network is unsurpassed. I know that you will be pleased with their efforts to help with your real estate needs. I highly recommend The Fonseca Group!" -------- GARRETT GRIGSBY ----- Executive Director at Christian Connections for International Health – Deborah Fonseca
"From the first time I met Deborah and René, they were personable, professional, and true experts in the Real Estate world! They are some of the best agents and people that I have ever worked with, and I would highly recommend them to anyone!" ------ STACY KELLEY ---- U.S. Mint, Manager - New Coin Development, U.S. Treasury – Deborah Fonseca
"My wife and I had the opportunity to work closely on a real estate transaction with Deborah and Rene Fonseca for many months. When we think of the Fonsecas, these are the words that come to mind: Very savvy. Strategic thinkers. Loyal. Unremitting. Dedicated. Extremely patient." ------ M. SKRAB ---- Defense & Space Engineer, Washington, DC – Deborah Fonseca
"The Fonsecas have the PATIENCE of saints. Unequaled KNOWLEDGE of the Washington, DC Metro area. Traditional & down-to-earth VALUES. Dedicated WORK ETHIC that is hard to find in today's world. --- R.D., ---- Executive at law firm in Washington, DC – Deborah Fonseca
"The Fonsecas went way beyond the call of duty -- and even agreed to see some undesirable places that I picked out, even though they knew I was on the wrong track. They drove me all around Northern VA, D.C. and Maryland, showing me every possible area of interest. They sacrificed their own lives at times. They always agreed to see me, even if it meant they couldn't be with family on special events - including birthdays! They always downplayed their sacrifices, so that I wouldn't feel bad for them. The home they eventually found for me - which I purchased - was one that they took the initiative to find, even though I was not in town at the time. They had building experts check out the home, and even helped clean some things in preparation for my closing and moving. They negotiated a significant price reduction for me – and to top it off, they got the Sellers to agree to pay for all repairs mentioned in the Inspection report! I have nothing but gratitude and respect for Deborah and René Fonseca, and I can't thank them nearly enough." ----- RON DeWITT ---- Chief Operating Officer, Washington, DC – Deborah Fonseca
"Deborah is a person of strong integrity, who will look after the best interests of those she represents. She has comprehensive knowledge of the market and works with clients to find the right place for their lifestyle and needs. She understands the many facets of Real Estate, and seeks the best outcome for her clients in todays environment. I am pleases to offer my strongest recommendation for her with full confidence in her professionalism and character. -------- DAN FISK -------Chief Operating Officer, International Republican Institute – Deborah Fonseca
"Deborah and René have been dear friends for many years now. They are selfless, and overwhelmingly focused on the well-being and success of others. Their work is unmatched - and they will diligently perform day in and day out for the good of each of their clients. I highly recommend The Fonseca Group." ---------- DUKE WALKER ---- VP of Mortgage Lending at Guaranteed Rate – Deborah Fonseca
"Deborah and René serve as a consummate professionals. They are both very driven, and extremely organized." ---------- ED PARKER, Associate Director of the Visitors Center at Liberty University – Deborah Fonseca
"Deborah is a consummate professional who is able to make connections with many. She is warm and caring, and truly cares about serving her client's needs. Both Deborah and René understand the challenges of relocating and making the process as smooth as possible." ----- JoANNE MANSOUR ---- Practice Manager at Virginia Medical Center – Deborah Fonseca
"Deborah is one of the most intelligent persons I have ever met. She is Brilliant. She is Sophisticated... and she always follows through!" ------REMEDIOS DIAZ ---- President at All American Containers, Inc - – Deborah Fonseca
"Deborah and René Fonseca are amazing Realtors. Their personal service to their clients raises the bar for all others. They are very knowledgeable about the current market and the trends that help to sell your home at the best possible price. When we sold our house and there were issues with the offer- due to the buyer's representative - they were on top of it.We highly recommend both René and Deborah, not only for their professionalism and knowledge, but also for their impeccable integrity and character. " ------- JORGE BOCANEGRA --- LTC US Army – Deborah Fonseca
"René and Deborah recently listed my luxury penthouse condo in Washington D.C. Not only did they sell it within weeks, but they brought me the buyers as well-and sold it for list price! They were consummate professionals, and were always available to provide valuable counsel. They both went way beyond what other realtors do, and handled every detail for me from start to finish. As a realtor myself, I can honestly say that the Fonsecas are the "Best of the Best" in a very competitive market" -------- LIANNE LEE --- Business Owner – Deborah Fonseca
Deborah did an awesome job for me when selling my house in the DC area last year. I went to her and her husband Rene after I wasn’t having much luck or exposure with the realtor we were initially using. She was very professional and responsive and went above and beyond the call to ensure all of my questions and concerns were answered and that the house got maximum exposure to sell quickly. She and Rene are a great team and great people to boot! -------- SCOTT DAVIS --- Commanding Officer, AEGIS TECHREP – Deborah Fonseca
"Deborah is both a complete professional, and a person of high integrity with strong personal values. These are outstanding characteristics, whether working together as we did in the past on foreign policy and trade issues or today in the highly competitive world of real estate. I know she is at the top of her game in real estate -- but most importantly, what gives her the edge is her high standards for integrity and fairness." -------- AMBASSADOR CHARLES "CHUCK" FORD ----- Senior International Executive & Retired United States Ambassador – Deborah Fonseca
"Deborah is a bulldog. She sets goals and works hard to achieve them. Smart, creative and tenacious." -------- DARRYL NIRENBERG ----- Partner at Steptoe & Johnson LLP – Deborah Fonseca
"Deborah has one of the finest minds in Washington. No matter what the issue-from national security to the private sector-there isn't a more tenacious or astute advocate. I watched her gain the confidence of the most important leaders in our country-and around the world. She excels at all levels. Her Real Estate venture with René is now yielding the same results: success. Any client would be lucky to have Deborah and René." --------- ROBERT WILKIE ---- Former Assistant Secretary of Defense, & Senior Advisor, U.S. Senate – Deborah Fonseca
"Deborah DeMoss Fonseca is hard-working, honest & smart. She is one of the most thoughtful and decent people on the face of the planet. I have worked with her in a variety of different contexts -- so I have seen her face many different challenges. She is incredibly talented - and creative - and insightful - and dedicated. With Deborah in your corner for all your Real Estate needs, you cannot go wrong!" -------- GREG CRAIG ----- Lawyer at Skadden Arps, & Former White House Counsel, & Assistant to the President – Deborah Fonseca
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Deborah's experience and certificatons

Real Estate ABC Gold Award
Real Estate ABC Gold Award
Identifies a real estate professional who is a member of the National Association of REALTORS®