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Dogs of Homes.com

Meet our Furry Family
  • We have a sign in our living room that says, ‘All You Need Is Love And A Dog.’ Guinness Puppy is that dog. He represents all the love in our home.
    Guinness | 8 years old
    Dani Concepcion
    Media Coordinator
  • Our dogs remind us that love makes a house a home. No matter what may be happening in the world, our dogs love us unconditionally.
    Chewie, Sophie & Buddy | 7, 6, & 2 years old
    Laura Chan
    Sr. Marketing Manager
  • Griffin is so lazy, but if you let him out in an open field, he will get the most ridiculous zoomies and goes into what we call "seal mode," with his chest down and his paws turned out!
    Griffin | 1 year old
    Courtney Benedict
    Project Manager
  • She has a remarkable howl that she loves to belt out right before we set down her food that our neighbors also get to enjoy.
    Garbanzo | 2 years old
    Christian Todd
    Sr. Software Engineer
  • Penny is always on Penny patrol, putting the squirrels, mailman and anybody walking near the house on notice!
    Penny | 5 years old
    Chris Horton
    Sr. Project Leader
  • Lola is well-known in our neighborhood. If she sees a friendly face, she shares her whole life story with her barks. I wish I knew what she was saying!
    Lola | 5 years old
    Shannon Wright
    Salesforce Support Specialist
  • The perfect adventure buddy, by our side for all of life's big and little moments.
    BenButt | 10 years old
    Holly Utt
    Assistant Marketing Manager
  • I couldn't imagine life without him now. He is my work partner who keeps me exercising and keeps me on my toes.
    Loki | 8 months old
    Chris Davis
    Training Manager
  • Earlier this year, Ollie was attacked by a much bigger dog and was left with a broken leg, broken jaw and a missing tooth. But he still smiles, reminding us all that you can overcome anything with a lot of love!
    Ollie | 6 years old
    Grant Simmons
    VP of Performance Marketing
  • Deuce loves meal time, playing ball, and waking up early!
    Deuce | 5 years old
    Andy Woolley
    VP of Industry Development
  • I love dogs. I look in their eyes and see the innocence and unconditional love. That has gotten me through many fragile moments. My dogs are everything!
    TinkerBelle & Lola | 7 years old
    Tammie Lynne Wright
    Technical Support Analyst
  • Boom is what boxer owners affectionately call a ‘Velcro dog’. She is at our sides at all times and follows us from room to room, watching our every move with her big blue eyes.
    Boombox | 11 years old
    Jane Cannone
    Exec. Dir. of Tech Ops
  • Lucy is faithful to greet us with tail wags and kisses every time we come in the door. Who else is that excited to see you everyday?! That simple joy truly makes our house a home.
    Lucy | 5 years old
    Audrey Somero
    Marketing & Comm. Coordinator

Homes.com is proud to team up with Amazon Prime Video in celebration of the upcoming new Amazon Original competition series, The Pack. The 10-episode, global unscripted series celebrates the unrivaled bond between dogs and their human companions. The Pack premieres on November 20th, and can be found on Prime Video exclusively for Prime members.

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