The Dos and Don’ts of Home Staging

by Christine DemosFebruary 24, 2010

In this economy, more and more houses are going on the market. If your neighborhood is anything like mine, there may be three or four other houses to compete with when selling your home. So how do you get buyers to flock to your property and put in an offer over others? Well, the solution is actually quite simple. Staging your home can be all the difference in getting buyers to picture a life there. Here are a few ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ for staging your home for resale:


Things to Do:

  • Think about curb appeal. You need buyers to want to come in!
  • Any real estate agent will tell you, lighting is crucial. Make sure blinds and curtains are open during the day or lamps are turned on during evening. Let buyers see the homes character!
  • Keep kitchen immaculate. It’s a well-known fact that kitchens sell houses. Make yours the jewel of the home by keeping it cleaned at all times, showcasing the amount of counter space and clutter-free.
  • Have the house smell lovely. Whether it’s a scent eliminator, Yankee Candle or home baked cookies, having a nice smelling house will invite buyers in.

Things to Don’t:

  • Have too much clutter; find decorative storage solutions so buyers aren’t overwhelmed.
  • Over personalize a space where  a buyer can’t imagine living
  • Have too bold of colors on walls-think neutrals
  • Have a dirty house! That can turn off buyers in a big way.
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