De-clutter for that Open House

by Christine DemosMarch 26, 2010

An open house can really help get a property sold. After you and your realtor have done some brainstorming of creative ideas to promote your open house, what else can you do to ensure a sale? One of the simplest tricks in the book, DE-CLUTTER!

Clutter can give the perception of chaos, confusion and disorder. And since the purchase decision is an emotional choice, when buyers see clutter they will assume that the home has been neglected, with more to fix than meets the eye. Follow these easy tips and you will eliminate that notion for your home.


  1. De-cluttering does not mean shoving everything into a closet before the open house. Buyers want to see what kind of storage they are getting; they’ll look in every closet. And a crammed closet says not enough!
  2. Have a garage sale, throw some things out, box stuff up or give away to charity. Your move will be easier, and you will create an open, spacious, simplified look that buyers love.
  3. Furniture needs to be placed sparsely to make rooms appear larger and lighter.
  4. Choose one or two elements as the main points of interest in a room – wood floors, a view, a table or piece of furniture, a nicely made bed, etc. Find ways to highlight those assets.
  5. Selling 101 is LIGHTING! Open window blinds and leave on a few lamps for pleasant lighting. Appropriate lighting gives the illusion that the space is larger than it is.
  6. A functional, decorative ceiling fan is a beautiful thing. It provides necessary light and, in warm months, creates a soft breeze.

Tips for selling now

If it’s dirty, clean it; if it’s broken, fix it. Leaving a to-do list for the buyer could end up costing you thousands! Also think about hiring a cleaning service for a thorough top-to-bottom scrubbing. This is an opportunity to really make your home shine. Home buyers will rave how clean the place looks!

The trick with selling your home is to establish a space that is appealing to a variety of buyers through staging. Excess items and clutter confuses and distracts buyers during showings. Remember, buyers must be able to imagine their own family in the home!

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