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Mr. Fix It-How to Replace a Toilet Bowl Handle

This is a problem that I had at my house just a few months ago. In my first floor bathroom, the toilet bowl handle was extremely lose and wouldn’t flush the water down.  As a new homeowner, I had no idea what to do. So I called the ‘Mr. Fix-it’ in my life, a.k.a DAD, and asked for help! Here’s what he showed me to do:


  1. Lift off the cover from the top of the toilet tank.
  2. Unhook the side of the chain attached to the old handle, leaving the flush rod side attached.
  3. Remove the nut of the flush handle located inside the toilet tank. To loosen the nut, turn clockwise, since it’s a reverse thread.
  4. Take off the old toilet flush handle and discard.
  5. Install the toilet’s new flush handle, and remember to turn the nut in a counterclockwise direction, since it’s a reverse thread.
  6. Attach the chain onto the new flush handle and flush to test.
  7. Put the toilet tank cover back onto the tank.

And voila! The handle was fixed and the toilet flushed like normal. For just 10 bucks, the cost of a new toilet flush handle, I had a new and working toilet.

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