Open House to Sell Your House

by Christine DemosAugust 12, 2010

When selling your home in this market you need to differentiate it from the competitors. Open houses are the norm when selling a home, so utilize this opportunity to make your home stand out in the crowd (in a GOOD WAY)!

When taking your open house to the next level, think of the emotions associated with purchasing a home. Home buyers will typically connect with a home based on the feeling they get with it. Convey a certain type of atmosphere to get buyers to yearn for the home. You can accomplish this through a variety of ways to appeal to emotions:


  1. Joy

    You can really bring in happiness and joy to the home by showcasing life and energy. You want a buyer to envision themselves living in this home; therefore, provide a positive sentiment.

  2. Surprise

    Amaze a homebuyer by highlighting focal points. If your home has an amazing feature, such as a gourmet kitchen, then showcase that kitchen by having delicious food served inside of it. Or if you have an incredible deck, throw a barbeque.

  3. Anticipation

    Don’t forget aromas to help guide a buyer through your home. When a home smells like it has been lived in, not only will it be less appealing but buyers will want to walk through quickly instead of admiring the home’s assets. However, if the home smells fresh, clean and welcoming, then a buyer may want to stay awhile. One of the best tips to offer is baking a fresh batch of cookies. The smell of warm gooey cookies will melt anyone’s heart!

  4. Awe

    Offer the feeling of luxury when buyers walk through your home! Remove a lot of inexpensive items to make room for the more expensive possessions. Doing this will give the illusion to buyers that you can afford the house payment and the little indulgences!

  5. Optimism

    Give the illusion of space, so buyers will feel they can grow into the home. Do so by reviewing one of the best tips for an open house: de-cluttering!

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