Top Cities for Retired Living

by Christine DemosSeptember 9, 2010

You’ve worked hard all your life and now time it’s time to enjoy your retirement. Wait, what’s that you say….you don’t know where to retire to? Sit back in your chair and let us tell you the top five cities, provided by, for retirees to relocate!

Charlottesville, VA

With a city population of just over 40,000 this city will provide you with just the right amount of southern charm. Plenty of art museums and cultural attractions to keep your retired life as active as ever! Or if you prefer, enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the national parks and shop the quaint stores. Search for homes for sale in Charlottesville, VA.

Dothan, AL

Dothan is a rapidly growing city with a thriving community. It offers many activities for recreation, business and retail, in addition to the charm and friendless of the South. And with an exceptionally low cost of living and generous retiree exemptions, this city is more economical than many other places on this list. Search for homes for sale in Dothan, AL.

Palm Bay, FL

The Space Coast is one of the most diversified areas in the country. You can enjoy life on the Atlantic Ocean or two major saltwater rivers; there is also abundant, beautiful rural farm land. With many seaside activities offered, including boating and fishing, as well as land activities, such as hiking, tennis or golf, Palm Bay is full of entertainment for a retiree. Combine that with no state income tax and this location may fit your active lifestyle! Look for homes for sale in Palm Bay, FL.

Pittsburgh, PA

There’s really so much to attract a retiree to “The Steel City” a.k.a. Pittsburgh. Low cost of living, low housing costs, low taxes for retirees, proximity to the international airport, stunning downtown riverfront, strong art and sports scenes and so much more! Spend your retired life in a city full of entertainment. Make a move by searching for homes for sale in Pittsburgh, PA.

San Francisco, CA

Don’t be scared away from San Francisco by its reputation of being an expensive city in which to live. With so much to do in this city, you will easily bear the costs. San Fran has nice weather year around, great shopping, arts, culture, sports teams and of course outdoor activities galore! The lifestyle is incomparable to anything else. Search for homes for sale in San Francisco, CA.

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