Foreclosure Friday: Home Renovation

by Christine DemosOctober 29, 2010

Lucky for us we weren’t moving into the house right away. This afforded us some time to do a complete overhaul on the house while NOT living in the renovation mess!

First on the agenda? The kitchen! As you can see from the before photo, the kitchen was an absolute mess. The tiles on the floor had hunter green squares intermixed with the white tile, so the previous owners thought to paint the walls hunter green and even some of the cabinets! Talk about a cave! It was not a pretty sight. So we completely gutted it and started anew. In the interest of time and money we stuck with the original floor plan and got all new cabinets, paint, wainscoting and appliances. We did however reuse the drawer pulls as those were the most updated thing in the kitchen.
Next on the overhaul agenda was removing the terrible BLUE carpeting in the living/dining room area. I love the color blue, but that was just TOO much. We went for a simple neutral color; tan, to complement the newly painted dockside haze colored walls. The light paint and flooring coupled with the vaulted ceilings makes the room feel so light and airy.

Speaking of flooring, we had to remove a couple more flooring options; not because they were in poor condition or looked bad, but because there were TOO many of them. In the downstairs part of the house there were literally (no exaggeration) six different tiles! They were all pretty on their own, but together were too much. So demolition was required to remove excess tile styles and cover with carpet.

The downstairs bath was the final straw. Given all the other work we completed and that large check at closing, we were not able to give the bathroom its much needed overhaul. But we did make a few improvements. A bathroom that resembled something in my great grandmother’s home was not our taste. The over-the-top floral wall paper needed to come down and the outdated fixtures needed to be replaced; bringing mid-century décor to casual simplicity.

The whole renovation process took around three weeks to complete. They say the first year of marriage is tough; try buying a foreclosure and renovating a home! My husband and I definitely had some heated battles, but we’re stronger from going through it. The final result? A home we are proud to call our own; a home that truly reflects us. So don’t be afraid of foreclosed homes. The process may be a roller coaster, but the sweet rewards of getting a home for a reduced price and making it your own is truly worth it!

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