Turn Your Open House into an Event

by Christine DemosDecember 21, 2010

If you’re marketing your home for sale right now, you know an open house is a great way to find potential buyers. But what about amplifying your open house for more attendees? We’ve posted tips on how to help sell your home by doing an open house, but here’s an out-of-the box idea you can ask your real estate professional to help you coordinate!

Why not enlist the help of various vendors from the surrounding area?  You can select a few local vendors that may want to help, such as mortgage lenders. The vendors can set up a table and have a donated gift item to be given away at the end of the day. What a great way to advertise their place of business!

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You and your agent can use e-vites to send out your invitation; invite all current residents of the neighborhood, as well as market it online. Visitors can be given a card that requires some information (name & email address) from them as well as a stamp from the vendors in order to be entered for the drawing at the end of the day. You can collect those cards at the end of the open house and use them to follow-up.

You’ll of course need a few entertainment items to keep it a casual environment for visitors to want to linger, such as music, food and beverages. Since it’s the holidays you can go all out with the holiday cheer! Incorporate holiday music in the background, seasonal treats and beverages to help visitors envision themselves celebrating the holidays there! All those costs you would have incurred regardless.

Think about it, visitors will enjoy the outing while visiting the vendor booths in addition to being able to view the home at their leisure. The cost to host the event will vary, but maybe some of the vendors will be able to help contribute. I mean, the vendors will be able to share in the wealth by possibly increase their customer base. It’s a win, win!

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