10 Easy Kitchen Renovation Ideas

by Christine DemosFebruary 24, 2011

A kitchen renovation is a huge opportunity to add value to your home. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make an impact, just follow these tips we’ve provided.

  1. If you cannot replace the entire or front of the cabinets, consider painting your existing cabinets.
  2. Or make a small change such as updated door handles & draw pulls or paint your walls a new color.
  3. Giving the walls a fresh new coat of paint will give the space a new life.
  4. Adding new lighting also helps modernize the space.
  5. If possible, floor changes such as hardwood or sleek tile can be inexpensive while still improving the home’s aesthetics.
  6. Adding new counter top also goes a long way. And like the floor choices, you have inexpensive options to make a huge impact.
  7. New appliances will go a long way to improving the space and keeping it up-to-date as new devices come out.
  8. Space storage options, such as shelving, will never be a negative. Everyone is always looking for more storage.
  9. Think outside the box on utilizing your space better; items such as pot racks that hang from the ceiling will give you added storage in a space that wasn’t used previously.
  10. And finally, add a window treatment to the space for a small but simple change.

For more helpful tips on home living, browse our videos on YouTube. And get Top Kitchen Remodeling Ideas on our blog for more tips!

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