10 Gardening Essentials for Every Homeowner

by Christine DemosApril 7, 2011

Being a homeowner means that instead of relying on a landlord or property management company to take care of your lawn and garden, you are in charge As spring and summer approach, it’s important to have the basic tools you need for maintain your yard. Here are 10 to get you started:


Work gloves

Tip number one, always protect your hands! Working gloves will help shield your hands from thorns, branches, chemicals and other hazards,


Great for moving large amounts of dirt for when you begin paving a walkway to and from your driveway.

Leaf Rake

Use this rake when the leaves of your beautiful trees fall off or after you mow the grass to pick up the lawn clippings.

Garden Rake

Necessary when working the soil in your plant beds or removing dead grass from your lawn.

Hand Trowel

For when you’re digging holes in your new garden bed.

Hand Pruner

A simple way to remove small dead and unwanted branches from trees or shrubs.

Hose with sprayer

Great for giving your lawn the much needed water and nutrients it requires to stay healthy. Also good for washing your car or the family pet!

Lawn mower

What most renters relish about their living situation-NOT MOWING the lawn! A homeowner should own a lawn mower, obviously, to keep their grass trimmed down and help keep the neighborhood looking well maintained.

Edge trimmer

After you’ve mowed your lawn, the edges can sometimes stick out like a sore thumb. With a string trimmer you’ll be able to clip grass and weeds in the areas the lawn mower missed.

Clear plastic bags

We never seem to have enough bags in my home. Clear plastic bags allow for you to pick up any yard waste and have it collected by the city.

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