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10 Must Have Painting Tools

I wanted to share 10 of my must have painting tools, that may be able to help you out when attempting your next painting project

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In last weeks post I talked all about preparing your space for the actual painting process to begin. So naturally, the next step would be… painting it! Well, before we jump into that topic, I wanted to share 10 of my must have painting tools, that may be able to help you out when attempting your next painting project.

1. Sureline Paint Edger

Perfect for cutting along the edges of walls, ceilings and other trim. You simply load up the absorbent white pad with paint, and then place the rollers along the edge of your wall or trim, and push the paint out into a smooth clean line. No paint brush needed!


2. Sturdy, Foldable Bench

The best way to reach those hard to paint places. You can purchase aluminum benches for as low as $30.00 at your local hardware store, and the folding capability is perfect for storing your bench after you’re done using it.


3. Rotating Protective Eyewear

If you’ve ever had to paint a ceiling, then you know that splatters and drips happen frequently. These protective goggles from Advanz will eliminate any of that from getting into your eyes, and also keep you from having to waste time cleaning or clearing off your glasses. Once your goggles need a cleaning, simply just turn the little red knob and a new clear film is exposed!


4. Angled Paint Brush

A good quality angled paint brush can make all the difference when cutting into corners or painting detailed molding. It may seem like a bit of a reach to pay more then $10 for one little paintbrush, but if you take good care of it and store it properly, it will last for a very long time.


5. Mess Free Paint Pour Attachment

When clipped onto the top of any standard 1 gallon paint can, this simple, inexpensive plastic pouring attachment makes for mess free paint tray refills.


6. Handy Paint Pail

Having to stop and refill a brush is sometimes what takes the most time during a painting project. If you have a handy paint bucket or pail at your disposal, then you can can cut your time running up and down off of your step stool in half!


7. Painting Stick

Extend your reach with an adjustable painting stick. You can find lots of different brands and styles. Even most regular roller brush handles are equipped with a threaded bottom, so that you can attach a painting extender to the end.


8. Door Hinge Covers

Talk about saving time! These quick stick door hinge covers are a painters best friend when you aren’t feeling up to removing a bulky door from it’s hinges.


9. Paint Guard

One of the best tools for small touch-up projects, when you don’t want to pull the tape out. Just press the metal or plastic narrow edge up against the adjacent wall or flooring that you want to protect, and paint on the opposite, exposed side. If using a latex based paint, clean up is easy, with just warm water and a bit of hand soap.


10. Flotrol

This paint conditioner works like a dream, especially when added to trim and door paint, eliminating any brush or roller marks, caused by quick drying paint. When using Floetrol count on a longer drying time, because your paint will remain tacky and dry slower, to allow for the smoothing process to work properly.


If you’ve got the right tools for the job, you’ll find that your projects will not only move quicker, but also be more enjoyable and have a better result in the end.

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  1. Thanks for the great tool tips – I am planning on painting my home as soon as it warms around here and these tool tips are awesome – I didn’t even know some of that stuff existed!

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