Five Tips to “Greenify” Homes for Earth Day

by Christine DemosApril 18, 2012

Disposable cleaning supplies, from one-time use toilet bowl cleaners to single use wipes, while convenient, contribute to the staggering waste in landfills The Clean Air Council estimates the average person produces 4.5 pounds of waste per day. Landfills are struggling to keep up with the amount of waste being produced, although 80 percent of items in landfills are able to be recycled – and the environment ultimately foots the bill. is inspiring homeowners to make small changes this Earth Day with five simple, inexpensive ways to reduce the carbon footprint in their home. Adopting these ‘green’ habits makes the home more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.


  1. The Dish on your Dishwasher

    The average dishwasher uses about six gallons of water per cycle. Energy star-rated dishwashers lessen that number to four gallons, but there’s still reason to be smart about usage. Be sure to only run your dishwasher when it’s full and during off-peak hours.

  2. Keep it Light

    Lighter colored houses stay cooler in the summer months, which helps reduce cooling costs. If it’s time to replace your roof, substitute dark shingles with lighter colored ones. If you can afford to, paint your house a cooler color and use lighter colored shutters, blinds and curtains.

  3. Ditch Disposables

    These days there’s a disposable option for everything. Instead of cleaning with disposable paper towels or wipes, consider reusable rags or sponges and use environmentally friendly cleaners like baking soda and vinegar.

  4. Don’t Leak

    Leaky faucets, pipes and ductwork are literally draining your money. Fix leaky faucets by using an inexpensive aerator. Wrap leaky ductwork with duct tape and keep a close eye on it. If it does not stop leaking, consider calling an expert.

  5. Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

    Switch to a tankless water heater to save about $80 per year. If you can’t afford one or it’s not time to replace your current hot water heater, wrap it with an insulation blanket, which can reduce heat loss by up to 45 percent and can save the average home up to 9 percent in utility costs.

These tips offer only a sampling of ways to ‘greenify’ your home this Earth Day and for the rest of the year. Visit the blog for more tips and resources for the home. Whether buying your first house, looking to upgrade your current one or downsize, search to discover homes in your area.

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