Decorating with Emerald – Pantone’s Color of the Year

by Shelley SmithJanuary 9, 2013

Who’s as excited about this lovely shade of beautiful green as I am!? I think Pantone nailed it! Last year we saw Pantone’s Tangerine Tango all over the place. From clothes to home decor, there were splashes of orange in one shade or another making their way into all aspects of our lives. I have no doubt that this year, in 2013, emerald will do the same.

Emerald Pantone
The best thing about greens are that they can go with basically anything and our eyes accept it, without a problem. This happens because we see all different shades of greens surrounding us in nature everyday. Sometimes they’re paired with the light happy colors of spring and other times with the deep, rich shades of fall. So finding the right way to incorporate a splash of trendy emerald into your home this year, shouldn’t feel like too much of a reach. Below are a few ideas of how you can include emerald into your home this year.
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Bringing a pop of new color into your main living area is one of the quickest ways to add a bold statement; mostly because it’s the space in your home that everyone who visits can see. If you really love the bold look of emerald, then think about adorning an accent wall or the back of a bookshelf with this fun color.


If you’re a little more timid, then simply filling a clear vase with some emerald colored sea glass can do the trick.

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I love the idea of adding in more of a blueish emerald tone through textiles. It’s a naturally calming, serine color so seeing it in a bedroom, whether it’s on a headboard, in a throw blanket or just displayed on a small pillow, it can create the feeling of tranquility and calm.

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Greens, much like yellow, also promote the ambiance and perception of something being fresh and clean, so having them in the kitchen only makes sense. Great ways to bring in Pantone’s color this year is through simple accessories. Tea towels, cups, plates, kitchen decor and even small appliances.

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If you’re not quite ready to display emerald into the more public spaces of your home but still want to try it out somewhere, a powder room or small bathroom is a great choice. You can go as bold as an entire shower curtain or rug, or as minimal as a couple of emerald colored soaps on display beside your sink.


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Last year, the thought of adding Tangerine Tango into my home decor sounded crazy to me, and now I find myself displaying it happily in an eclectic mix of pillows boasting all different shades of oranges on my living room couch! So even if emerald doesn’t seem like your “cup of tea” right now, maybe you should be careful to not rule it out completely, because you never know how you’ll feel a few months from now!

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