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Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

March 20th is right around the corner. I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to spring. And if that means spring cleaning, so be it. In order to help you with spring cleaning tasks, I’ve compiled some helpful tips and tricks to make your time more efficient so you can spend more time outside enjoying the warmer temperatures.

spring cleaning tips and tricks

Say goodbye to the dust living on your ceiling fan blades with a pillow case. Slide the pillowcase onto each blade and wipe the dust off inside the pillowcase. Shake the pillowcase out outside after dusting. I’ve tried this and it works. I always polish the blades with Pledge after dusting them in hopes of keeping the dust from building up quickly.


Raise your hand if you’re a hair spray girl. Yeah, me too. My mom used to get so upset with me during my high school years because my hair spray would stick to everything in the bathroom – the tile, walls, sink. Well there’s an easy solution for all that hair spray build up. Simply combine one part rubbing alcohol, two parts water, and a splash of dishwashigng liquid in a spray bottle. Spray your surfaces and wipe clean.


I jumped for joy when I came across this tutorial on how to clean between oven glass. After over 3 years with our current oven, the inside of the glass has started to look, well, less than sparkling. I plan on trying out this technique during my spring cleaning.


Stay organized with this free spring cleaning checklist.


Haven’t cleaned your mattress in a while? Follow these tips to get it smelling so fresh and so clean.


Use ammonia to get your stove burners and grates looking spic ‘n span.


Keep your faucets, sinks, tile, and shower doors shiny and new with car wax. The wax forms a protective barrier against water and soap buildup. And when you’re done you can wax your car! Spring cleaning doesn’t stop inside the house ya know.


I hope these tips and tricks help in your crusade to a fresh and clean home this spring!

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4 Replies to Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

  1. To clean between oven door just remove the two screws that hold the handle on and separate the inner door from the outer door. It’s easy.

  2. Using ammonia to clean your stove burners is a great idea! I usually use vinegar for mine. I am going o try with ammonia next time. Thank you for sharing your tips! Greetings!

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