10 Tips for Finding the Perfect Home

Buying a home can be stressful and exciting all at the same time. It’s quite the adventure! We recently purchased our second home and I found a few tips very helpful while searching for the perfect home for my family… [read more]

Buying a home can be stressful and exciting all at the same time. It’s quite the adventure! We recently purchased our second home and I found a few tips very helpful while searching for the perfect home for my family.


Here are my top 10 tips for finding the perfect home:

1. Figure out what your ‘perfect home’ looks like.

Write down on a piece of paper all of the things you must have in your new home, things that would be nice to have and things that don’t really matter.

2. Purchase a home that stays in budget.

Make sure to get pre-approved for a loan before going out to look at houses. It will make the buying process much easier and you will know which houses to look at.

3. Bigger isn’t always better.

While we all dream of having a huge mansion, it’s good to think about what will be best for your family. Figure out how many rooms you need to fit your family comfortably and look in that range.

4. Think about remodeling.

Many homes you will look at may not be in the best condition, but think about the potential of the house. Would painting and new wood floors turn it into your dream house? How about a kitchen or bathroom remodel? There are many easy fix-ups such as adding new light fixtures and painting that can turn your house into the perfect home.

5. Location is important.

Check the surrounding area of the home. Drive around the 2 mile radius to see what is around your home. Make sure it is in an area you feel comfortable with. Find out what school district you’ll be in. Even if you don’t have kids, you may want to think about the school district you live in for resale. You may also want to take the commute to your work and see how long it will take you.

6. Do your research.

Research property values in the area. Stalk your neighborhood and find out what it’s like at all times of the day. Is it a family friendly neighborhood? You could even knock on the neighbors doors before buying. I have done that.

7. Do a home inspection.

The home inspector will look at everything in a home and give you a non-bias opinion. They will also tell you the true value of the home you are looking at. It’s better to spend a couple hundred dollars doing a home inspection then finding out the house had several problems.

8. Picture your family living in the house.

When you walk into the home, can you picture your family living there? Does it have a good feeling? Picture your family living in each room and see you how feel.

9. Leave room to grow.

Make sure your ‘perfect home’ has extra storage and gives you room to grow.

10. Don’t put your expectations too high.

Realize that most houses aren’t perfect to begin with. Even if you are building your dream home, there are always things that could have been different. Be flexible. Once you move in and add your own style it will soon become your dream home.

So let’s hear it… what tips do you have for finding the perfect home? Share in the comments. Happy house hunting!

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11 Replies to 10 Tips for Finding the Perfect Home

  1. I’ve just relocated to Jackson, TN from Hernando, MS and I’m on the search for the perfect home. Here’s my list:
    1. Budget: Our goal is to live below our means.
    2. Size: I’ve had a 2700 sq ft dream home that took me 8 hours to clean. I need 3 bed/2ba and a workable kitchen.
    3. Location: Schools/Shopping: Let’s face it not all schools are created equally and I don’t want to chance the lottery system. So I want to live in the designated school zone. I also want to be close to shopping which is on the way from school/work.
    4. Resale Value: I want to make money. Foreclosures can be bought cheap and updated. Will the area still be desirable in 5 years? 10 years? Avoid areas with lots of rental properties.
    5. Storage: Inside and out. Will my shoes fit in the closet? Is there a garage?
    5: Location:Privacy/Security: Good Fences make good neighbors. I prefer an outside lot without a neighbor behind me and a enclosed neighborhood without pass through traffic.
    6. Location/Neighbors: Are the neighbors neat, homes and yards maintained? Barky dogs? Junk?
    7. Bones: Is it a well built home? Plumbing/Electrical? Additions built to code?
    8. Future Updates: Older homes often need major updates. Energy efficient windows? Roof? Water heater? AC/heat unit?
    9. Floor Plan: Is it livable? Open floor plans work best. An eat-in kitchen? Separate laundry area? Pantry?
    10. Lot: Healthy shade trees? Drainage/Erosion issues? Level/ mow-able yard? Fence? Room for outside entertaining? Parking?
    Deck? Screen Porch?

    I’ve narrowed my choices from 150 to 15 to 5 with this list. We will be touring the final 5 on Thursday.

  2. It’s important to have a strong set of criteria, but at the same time – if you set your expectations too high, you’re likely to end up feeling let down. Each of your ten tips are spot on, especially number number 6) Do your research. Thank you

  3. These are excellent tips for finding the perfect home. I have found that it’s hard to know exactly what you want until you’ve seen a lot of different choices to figure out what you do and do not want. Thanks for the great advice!

  4. I liked that you mentioned to write down all the things you must have in your new home. My husband and I are thinking about buying our first home, and we are looking for advice. I will make sure to write down everything I want in my dream house and to look for nothing less than that.

  5. My wife and I are considering selling our home and moving further away from the city within the next year. I find it interesting that you suggest stalking the neighborhood to get a good feal of the area. We may consider hiring a realtor to help us navigate everything.

  6. It sure got my attention when you said to make a list of the things you want the hose to have. My best friend wants to buy a bigger house now that his family has grown. I will help him find a real estate agent so he can find the right home for his family.

  7. I never knew how important location could be when choosing a house since it can determine where kids go to school. My husband and I don’t have kids yet which is probably why this didn’t occur to me. I think when we start looking for the next place we should look for a single-family home in an area we can imagine our future kids going to school.

  8. I’ve been thinking of buying a home, but I’m not quite sure. I like how you said to get pre-approved for a loan before looking at houses. These tips could really help me get a home, so thanks for sharing them.

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