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Storage Solutions for Children’s Arts and Crafts


I don’t have children of my own (yet), but I can appreciate parents wanting to keep some of their children’s artwork. My mom saved some of my artistic renderings from my childhood, and I enjoy looking at them. But, how do you store and/or display children’s art and crafts so things don’t get out of control? Well, I’m answering that question for you with some great storage and display solutions.

These large and stylish art boxes are perfect for storing arts and crafts. Assign a box, or two, per child. You could even label the boxes chronologically– grades K-2, grades 3-5, etc.


Use mailing tubes to store drawings and paintings. Label the tubes with your child’s name and the grade in which they created their art. Corral the tubes in a pretty wastebasket or tall bucket.


Buy a file box for each child and add file folders for each grade K-12. Place important school documents (awards, extra school pictures, etc.), art, writing samples, etc. in the file folders. This is a great system to organize important documents and artwork.


Don’t know what to do with all of your kiddo’s artwork? Scan their masterpieces, scale them down, and make a art compilation poster. Then you can frame the poster and hang it in their room or somewhere else in your home. The perfect way to show off your little one’s artwork without displaying all of the full size versions.


Turn your miniature Picasso’s artwork into a book. Scan their paintings and drawings and make a book using one of the many online book making sites. You could do this for each grade or lump some grades together. You could also scan some of their writing samples – just make sure you size it large enough in the book so you can read the print.


Create a mini art gallery on a wall in your home. Grab some clipboards, paint or decorate them if you want, and secure them to the wall so you can easily swap out children’s artwork.


This goes along with the clipboard mini art gallery– take old cabinet doors, paint them, add clips, and label holders to display your kiddos’ artwork.


Hopefully one or more of these storage and display solutions will help you in your quest to organize your kiddo’s arts and crafts.

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