10 tips for moving across the country

Let’s face it… moving is hard, regardless if you are moving across the country or across the street. It is also a very exciting time! After recently moving from Arizona to Ohio, I picked up a few tips along the way… [read more]

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Let’s face it… moving is hard, regardless if you are moving across the country or across the street. It is also a very exciting time! After recently moving from Arizona to Ohio, I picked up a few tips along the way.


1. Plan ahead.

If possible, give yourself at least two months to plan and pack. Try to get rid of the things you don’t use. While sorting through stuff create 4 piles and think about what you really want to move.

  • a throw out pile
  • a keep pile
  • a donate pile
  • a sell pile

2. Find a good moving company.

Do your research and look at different rates to see which one will be best for your family. Some companies will price match, so keep that in mind.

3. Check out the moving center for more information on planning a big move.

4. Invest in good moving boxes and packing materials.

Since your valuables will be making a long trip, it is important to bubble wrap all of your breakable items and use moving blankets on the furniture.

5. Avoid moving in the middle of summer if at all possible.

You will find a better moving rate and will not be in discomfort moving in the heat.

6. Bring a friend or family member to help travel.

You can always use an extra set of hands, especially if you have younger children. You may also want to consider having the kids fly with a family member while someone else drives the truck, depending on how far you’ll have to drive.

7. Map it out.

If you are driving, map things out ahead of time. It also helps to purchase hotels ahead of time and make sure to take breaks along the way. You may even want to do a few tourist stops to break up the trip.

8. Ask your realtor for local places to eat, shops and things to do for the kids once you are in town.

9. Get to know your neighbors.

After moving across the country and knowing no one, you’ll need to make a point to get outside and meet people. Most people are generally very friendly and would love to get to know you.

10. Stay calm.

Moving in general can be very stressful, however if you plan ahead and start early you will feel less stressed. Here are some more helpful tips on making your move stress free.

Hopefully you found some of these tips useful. Enjoy the new adventure! What tips do you have for moving across the country?

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13 Replies to 10 tips for moving across the country

  1. Here are a few from the 6 times I’ve moved 1,000 miles or more (4 of those were over 2,500 miles).
    1. Pack your out of season clothing in your luggage, then tuck framed photos or other breakable in with the clothes. Luggage, rarely ends up stacked so they should be safe.
    2. Pack your books and dishes in lots of small boxes. Not everyone can afford a moving company and by the time you’re done driving all that way you don’t want to be carrying super-sized dish packing boxes into your new place!
    3. Label, label, LABEL!!! There’s nothing more frustrating than finding box after box labeled “Stuff”. Be specific! That way, you can find the essentials right away and leave the rest for another day.
    4. Pack everyone’s bathroom essentials and clothes in backpacks. Keep them in the car with you so when you’re ready to stop, everyone grabs their 1 bag, carries it into the hotel and the trailer doesn’t need opened for anything.
    5. Enjoy yourself!! Treat this time as a mini vacation! With the price of gas, road trips are a dying treat! Enjoy the amazing beauty of the country around you. While you’re planning your route, plan a few mini stops to sight-see, pick up a souvenir or just snap some photos!
    For my hubby and I, our long distance moves are some of our favorite memories!

  2. Very good ideas. I found in my three moves that if you go to church or belong to a national organization, contact them in the city you are moving to or even just investigating for a move. They will give you lots of useful information and answers to questions that won’t be found on websites or guidebooks, and maybe even offer you a place to stay or dinner while you’re unpacking! Take advantage of the visitor bureaus too – they have lots of information about activities, events, and landmarks — their job is to help visitors AND residents.

  3. If your moving company offers a packing service do it!!! They know how things should wrapped and packed. We did this and were so happy that we did. We moved from Massachusetts to Utah and although we did pack a lot of things we let the moving company do the breakables. Well worth it! Not one thing was nicked, scratched or broken.

  4. These are all great tips Jamielyn, thanks for sharing! Downsizing as much as possible, planning, and organizing are the most important things to do for a cross country move. Properly labeling boxes with contents will help you out big time once you are moved in and unloading. I recommend downloading some music albums you’ve been wanting to listen to or some podcasts to get you through the long drive. Also make sure to keep your necessary personal items separate and accessible. That is just my 2 cents..,you pretty much covered everything though!

  5. Don’t forget, if you are traveling with pets. Make sure they are microchipped with your phone number, are up to date on vaccinations, plan more frequent breaks, buckle-up their carrier, and make reservations ahead of time for pet friendly hotels.

  6. Girls! You were so great at Haven! I am really eictxed about submitting our Daddy and Me video here soon and am still figuring out how 3 great girls like yourselves landed the BEST jobs ever as the blogger outreach team at (or whatever you call it!) I thought it was great seeing ya’ll in the workout room on day 1. I felt special. And then, of course, I talked myself out of running for the rest of my trip because by 8 pm on day 1 I was sleep walking my way through the cocktail party!! Anyway, thanks for doing such a great job with the Haven Sponsorship and for valuing bloggers

  7. Thank you so much! These tips are extremely helpful! I will be moving from Ohio to Connecticut next month! I have some exciting packing to do!

  8. Thanks for your post, I am moving from Utah to New York which I believe is a 32 hour drive. I would definitly emphasize giving away, selling, or throwing away as much as you can because it is just more of a hassle. If you can get away with leasing one truck, then life will be easier. If you simply can’t or don’t want to get rid of some things, but you don’t have room for them, I would consider leaving them at a family member’s house for a time and then you can get it latter when you are more settled in.

  9. Moving across the country definitely requires a high level of planning, and the time to carry out that plan. I like the ideas of starting fresh by getting rid of everything like the comments above. Why move stuff you haven’t used in years anyway. Good luck on your fresh start!

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