5 Ways to Make Your Home Stand Out to Potential Buyers

by Amy BellJuly 12, 2013

It is very wise for those wanting to sell a home as quickly as possible to put a best foot forward for potential buyers, and especially those who come in to take a physical walk-through of the property. A number of factors are key in making a home stand out head and shoulders from the rest during walk-throughs, and today we’ll discuss five ways to ensure your home is the one that makes the most memorable impression on potential buyers.


1. Strive for spotless.

There is no way to overstate the importance of a clean home. Beyond anything, the worst possible impression a potential buyer can walk away from a home with is that a home isn’t being properly cared for, and cleanliness (or a lack thereof) is a key indicator of this. Leave no stone unturned in cleaning your home to make it market-ready. Baseboards, walls and windows should all be washed. Appliances should be detailed, inside and out. Any flat surface (including ceiling fans, which are often overlooked), should be dusted thoroughly. Once the more obvious areas are taken care of, be check out this list of less-expected places to clean before listing a home.

Before moving on to the next topic, it bears mentioning that one place that warrants special consideration is the presence of any unusual odor in a home. In my family’s recent house-hunting ventures, one home was ideal from just about every possible standpoint, save one that proved to be a deal-breaker: The home reeked of pet urine. (Gross, I know.) Professional cleaning services are available for eradicating such odors, and before listing a property, that is one investment that might certainly pay off in spades.

2. Organize and purge.

Nothing can make a home feel more instantly spacious and livable than getting rid of clutter and organizing all that remains. Closets and garages are two places that typically house the lion’s share of a homeowner’s excess household goods, and those are a great place to start. Truly, a homeowner comparing two homes might attribute more storage and garage space to Home A if its spaces are tidy and organized as compared to Home B’s, even if the two homes share the exact allocation of space. Give buyers the impression that they are getting the most usable space for their money by purging your home of anything you don’t realistically need. If you find it too difficult to part with your possessions, consider storing the items in an attic space or rented storage unit while the home is being marketed.

When the purging process is complete, organization is the word! Even if your home is short on space, there are terrific options for doing so. Pegboard is the perfect solution for garage organization, as it is inexpensive, easy to install and can be used to organize any number of tools and gadgets. Inside the home, strive to hide as many items as possible in plain sight, utilizing attractive boxes and bins on shelves to corral everything from toys, movies and games, to office supplies, clothing, jewelry and more.

3. Play up the property’s best features.

Is your home brimming with gorgeous natural light? Is the kitchen a chef’s dream? Are the outdoor living spaces exceptional? Is the master suite a true owner’s retreat? Do everything you can to make those spaces shine! Stage these areas in ways that show off their best features, investing in a few new items, if necessary (attractive potted plants, new outdoor cushions, fresh bath linens, new bedding, new artwork, etc.) to spruce up these spaces and attract plenty of positive attention.

4. Don’t underestimate curb appeal.

It’s a fact that having a home on the market can be downright exhausting, especially in the face of dozens of showings that can occur at any time of day (and possibly night!) at just a moment’s notice. Tending to the interior of a home to keep is show-ready is a time-consuming endeavor, but as you are doing so, don’t neglect to take care of your home’s exterior spaces, as well. The very first impression buyers will have of a home is the front exterior spaces, and a lawn that is overgrown, shrubs that are in need of pruning or water, and other eyesores will potentially turn buyers off before they ever set foot in your home.

5. Have a gimmick.

According to Merriam Webster, a gimmick is defined as a device used to attract business or attention. As a seller, it doesn’t hurt to pull out some creative stops to attract attention of potential buyers.

Having recently purchased a home deep in the heart of central Texas in the middle of the sweltering summer heat, one home in particular stood out from the crowd on our first day of house hunting. Their secret? Having a welcoming refreshment station set up in the home’s kitchen, complete with complimentary water bottles and light snacks. A sign perched next to the spread welcomed anyone to take any of the items they wished as they passed through. Talk about making a memorable impression!

Although a refreshment station like this one might not be up your alley, something else creative might be just the ticket for making a memorable impression in the minds of potential buyers. Use some imagination!

Do you have any great tips to add for increasing your home’s likelihood of making a memorable impression on buyers? Feel free to add to the conversation in the comments below.

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