5 Tips for Having a Great Relationship with Your Landlord

by Maria SalovaAugust 29, 2013

You live in an apartment, townhome, or rental home, or maybe you are currently searching for one; either way, one thing to keep in mind when you are going through the rental process is that it’s important to have a good relationship with your landlord, because in the end, it will help make your rental experience a great one. Here are 5 tips for having a great relationship with your landlord:

Ask but Don’t Nag

Occasionally, a landlord will add in amenities or “perks”, if you ask. This could include a reduction in a deposit amount during the holidays, an extra parking spot, and/or free maintenance. However, make sure you don’t set your expectations too high for such perks. The last thing you want is to start nagging your landlord regarding price deductions on everything and attempting to negotiate on perks. Perks are extras; therefore, turning them into obligations will give your landlord the impression that their perks don’t meet your standards.

If your landlord promises certain repairs, perks, and other amenities, get it in writing. This will help you in the future if your landlord forgets. A written document signed by you and your landlord will help resolve miscommunications and ultimately make sure your landlord is doing his/her job and you are being a compliant renter.

Watch What You Sign

Be careful with what you sign. The fine print is important and reading thoroughly will eliminate potential future disagreements with your landlord that can damage the relationship. Be honest in what you sign as well. Lying about your credit, your pet, or overestimating your income, among others, can result in a bad relationship and you’ll potentially risk termination of the lease and eviction. When you are signing, you are giving your first impression – therefore, be honest.

Complete a Walk-Through

When you first move in, make sure to complete a walk-through with either your own sheet of paper or their walk-through form.  Make sure to take note of any damage that might exist, even small issues. Test faucets to make sure they are working properly and check under sinks for minor leaks, etc. Although most apartments, townhomes, and rental homes are fixed and updated before your move in date, minor damages might be ignored, so for your own security, writing this information down and giving it to the landlord ahead of time will help reassure the landlord that you did not cause this damage.

Pay Your Rent

It sounds simple, but renters often either forget to pay their rent on time, or simply cannot afford it. If you think you may struggle in affording rent on a specific apartment, townhome, or rental home, it is important to lower your budget. Creating and setting your budget ahead of time will help you better understand what price range you can afford when renting.

If you are simply forgetting to pay your rent on time, then create a calendar in your kitchen with rent due dates and set an alarm on your phone. Paying your rent and paying it on time will help immensely with building a great relationship with your landlord, as past due rent is one of the top reasons why a landlord and renter may have a poor relationship.


Some things you can fix on your own, such as changing a light bulb, smoke detector batteries, tightening door knobs, etc. Your landlord will appreciate you taking care of small maintenance issues, because even small issues can contribute to high maintenance costs. If you are having trouble with a minor issue, wait until/or if there is a larger issue. If this issue arises, let your landlord know of all other issues at once. This will result in one service call and maintenance cost.

Having a great relationship with your landlord can make your rental experience a pleasant one. Use these tips to establish a positive rapport with your landlord!

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