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Decorating Tips: How to Pull a Room Together


You have decided that you want to redecorate a room in your home, but you have no idea where to begin. Today we are going to explore some tips that will help you get started on that room redo! Decorating a space by yourself can be overwhelming, but with these tips you will be off to a great start in creating a room that looks tied together.

Tip 1: Decide how you want the room to feel.

When you are first starting a room design, it is important to note how you’d like the space to feel. Do you want it to feel masculine, cozy, soothing, or glamorous? Perhaps you want your room to stir up a combination of feelings. Jot down for yourself some adjectives that describe how you want the space to feel. Now you are ready to begin attaching those feelings to inspiration images which leads us to our next tip.


Tip 2: Gather inspiration from magazines, Pinterest, and blogs.

Once you have decided how you want a room to feel, it is time to gather images of inspiration for your space. Tear out magazine images that speak to you. Look for images on Pinterest and on blogs that convey the same feel that you have in mind for your space. The images do not have to be of the same type of room that you are creating. You might find an image of a nursery that has a color scheme and vibe that you love, or perhaps a picture of a sunset that has the perfect shade of pink. If the image captures your attention with your room in mind, go ahead and add it to your inspiration folder.


Tip 3: Decide what has to stay in the room, what can go, and what can be transformed.

Seldom do we start decorating a room with a blank slate and even more rarely do we begin decorating with a blank check. Decide upfront what pieces of furniture must stay in the room and what items you can let go of. Your budget will play a large part in making these decisions for you. Instead of battling your existing furnishings, see if you can transform them with fabric or paint. Wood or laminate furniture can easily be updated with paint and slipcovers can be made for upholstered pieces.


Tip 4: Carry your colors around and start gathering.


Once you’ve decided on a color palette, take swatches of fabric or match paint chips to your fabric, or color scheme and carry them with you in your bag. There is nothing more frustrating than finding the PERFECT ________ (fill in the blank with rug, toss pillow, throw, duvet, accent chair, etc.) and wondering if it is the right color choice. If you carry your color palette with you, you will be able to take some of the guess work out of your purchases and minimize the need for returns.

Tip 5: Start decorating!


Once you have decided on the feel of your room, gathered your inspiration, decided on what elements stay in the room, and started collecting new items for the space, you are ready to dive in and decorate! It can be scary to begin and is very tempting to just get stuck in the planning stages forever. Pick up a paint roller, recover a pillow, and move that furniture around. Before you know it, you will be on a roll and your new room will go from vision to reality!

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3 Replies to Decorating Tips: How to Pull a Room Together

  1. Great tips, Beth! I need to rework our master bedroom after getting a new mattress and we went up to a King size. This has spiraled into other changes like a new headboard and has caused changes to the original set-up I had for our Queen bed. I’m not as happy with our room as it was with the old bed so I have to rethink things. I think slowing down and taking it a step at a time, starting with looking at my Pinterest board is a good idea.

  2. This is a great post and very timely for me as well, Beth. I got brave and painted our master bedroom gray, not my usual creamy white. Our furniture is old, a four poster cherry bed, armoire, dresser, vanity and nightstand. It all has to stay obviously. When I checked Pinterest for “Gray Rooms”, everything looked very modern and that’s so not me. I want to keep my cottage style. So far I have added a two tone gray area rug and I have ordered an ivory tone on tone duvet. I’m lost with the rest. I know gray pairs up with a ton of colors but I’m not one to throw in a splash of red or navy, I’m pretty neutral. Can you help or do you think I’m being too rigid with my options. I need pillow shams throws and toss pillows. Maybe curtains…I have white wood blinds now. Can you help? 🙂


    Also, I can send you a pic of what I have now.

  3. Hi Jane, I would recommend incorporating a color you love in your bedroom. (I personally like yellow paired with gray.) If you want to keep everything in a neutral color scheme, look for ways to incorporate various neutral-toned patterns to add interest and texture to the space. Google Phoebe Howard to see some traditional-aesthetic inspiration in a monochromatic color palette.

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