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Create a New Space: The Top 5 Under Organized Spaces and How to Tackle Them

We all have spaces in our home that are under organized. Today I’m sharing the top 5 under organized spaces and how to tackle each one.


Trust me, an organized pantry can make a ton of difference in your life. I should know. I recently organized our walk-in pantry, and I’m in love with it. Yes, I’m in love with a pantry.

An easy way to organize your pantry is to invest in some bins and/or baskets. These can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want. Hit up Crate and Barrel or the dollar store, whatever works best with your budget. Organize similar items together in the same bin/basket (pasta and pasta sauce, baking ingredients, snacks, etc.) so things are easy to find. Go the extra step and label each bin/basket.



Your garage is probably another under organized space in your home that could use some work. Set aside a weekend to tackle some garage organization. Install a pegboard with hooks to get tools off of surfaces and out where you can easily see and access them. Invest in some shelving to store items. Hang bicycles from the ceiling. The biggest thing about garage organization is taking advantage of all that vertical space on the walls.


Linen Closet

Ever open the door to your linen closet and a pile of sheets fell onto you? I can’t be the only one.


Under the Kitchen Sink

Is the cabinet under your kitchen sink a little out of control? Take a little time to get a handle on that area. Invest in some storage, like some bins and drawer units. Also, take advantage of the inside door. Use hooks to hang items.



We all could probably use a little more organization with our desks, whether at home or at the office. Use drawer dividers to corral the clutter. Invest in some desktop organizers to keep important papers and other utensils nice and neat.


I hope these tips and tricks have spurred you to tackle some organization projects in your home.

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