Kid-Friendly Winter Activities

Prepare yourself for the upcoming frigid winter months with activities that are great for the kids!  It pays off to have cool arts and crafts, indoor and outdoor games and warm winter recipes for your little ones. These activities will be sure to keep your kids happy and playing all winter long!

Host a Winter Treasure Hunt in Your Yard:

Having a treasure hunt in your backyard is fun not just for your kids, but for the neighborhood children as well.  Place household items throughout your backyard and have the children try and find them.  When it’s snowing out, you can even bury items in the snow to make it a little more difficult for your children. Treasure hunts are an easy and inexpensive way to have fun with your children outside.

Make Ice Balloons:

Your kids will love this winter craft and it’s super easy to do.  All you need is a balloon and food coloring.

    1. Fill your balloon with food coloring and water, then tie shut.
    2. Leave the balloon outside overnight to freeze.
    3. When the balloon is frozen solid, use scissors to cut the balloon off of the frozen orb.
    4. Now you have a colored ice balloon!


Host the Winter Olympics:

Since the Winter Olympics are right around the corner, why not host your own Olympics with your kids?  Winter obstacle courses, snowman building competitions, or sled pulling competitions are all exciting and entertaining activities to do with your family.

Eat Snowman Snacks:

How adorable are these snowman snacks? These treats are healthy for your kids as well.
What you need:

      • Thin bagels
      • cream cheese
      • pretzel rods
      • chocolate chips
      • raisins
      • baby carrots
      • cranberries and blueberries

Assemble together to look like a snowman and enjoy!’


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