Favorite 2014 Home Design Trends

by Shelley SmithFebruary 7, 2014

One of my favorite things to do is search out trends for the new year, and then find actual examples of ways that I would use them in my own home. 2014 is FULL of awesome, edgy new things to try, and I’m excited to share a handful of my favorites with you!
When I first heard the words “dark painted walls,” I rolled my eyes and thought, “Yeah, right.” But after doing a little research on how awesome an accent wall, covered in a rich, deep tone can really be… I think I might be in love!

With this trend, the secret is in the placement of that accent wall that you choose to paint dark. Placing it behind or next to a significant amount of white or cream will really make it pop, and not bring the room down or darken it too much. I’ve already got an idea of where I would try this technique, so I’m excited to see if it turns out like I hope.


During my journey of incorporating a lot more gold into my home this past year, I had a bunch of people ask me if the silver pieces in their existing spaces were okay to pair with those new brassy hues, or if they should get rid of them all together. Well… good news, keep EVERYTHING! Mixing metals like copper, chrome, brushed silver, polished brass and gold are super hot and on-trend right now. Doing this through a collection of frames or small accessories can help give your home lots of character and warmth that it may be missing, too!



I’m a huge fan of a great floral design in each room, whether it be through wallpaper, a framed print or even just a few pillows – so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I found out that oversized, moody, vibrant, dramatic, colorful florals were totally making their way into 2014.


I’d have to say that my favorite way to add an in-your-face-floral into a room would probably be through a large accent chair. If you’ve got the guts and an area filled with too many solid colors, then a fantastic floral chair can completely brighten up your space and bring it to life.


Speaking of bringing your room to life, have you seen some of the crazy-awesome lighting designs that companies and DIY’ers alike have come up with lately!? From bold colors to sleek metallics and simplistic, yet sophisticatedly-modern fixtures, there’s no reason your room should be lacking in the ‘cool lighting’ area. I hate to say it, but builder grade and outdated lighting can keep your home design from reaching its full potential, so look around your space and see if there’s any way that you can work in some sleek new fixtures that can help kick your room up a notch!



What home decor and design trends have you noticed popping up for 2014? Are there any that you think you might want to try incorporating this year, as you decorate your home? Let Homes.com know in the comments below!

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