Stay or Sell: Top 6 Spaces to Remodel if You Plan to Stay

by Maria SalovaFebruary 20, 2014

If you plan on staying in your current home, it’s important to keep in mind your home’s value even if you don’t have plans to sell in the near future. Such home improvement projects are also beneficial for a growing family that requires more space. To increase home value means to invest in your home and tackle home improvement projects and renovations that will be beneficial for your home. Here are the top projects to tackle and spaces to remodel if you plan on staying.


The kitchen is oftentimes the most renovated space in the home. A lot of this has to do with homeowners wanting the best appliances, needing more space due to a growing family, or simply put, they have finally gotten tired of the older look their home has. Updating the kitchen will not only help your current family situation, but it will definitely help you in the long run as this space is often seen as the representation of how up-to-date the home is overall.

spaces to remodel: kitchen

The kitchen is also one of the most expensive spaces to be remodeled. Cutting costs isn’t difficult though; with a fresh coat of paint on the walls, painted cabinets, and updated backsplash, your space could look new. Appliances also play an important role in increasing your home value, and often, stainless steel is most sought after. Kitchen islands along with a nice butcher block are becoming more desired by homebuyers and homeowners. By taking the hands-on initiative, you can create your own kitchen island, saving you money. Gain some inspiration on kitchen remodeling on a budget.



Bathrooms are also one of the top spaces for remodeling if you plan on staying. After a few years of living in your home, your bathroom most likely doesn’t feel clean just because it isn’t up-to-date. Maybe your family has gotten bigger, making your one sink bathroom not enough to accommodate everyone. Whether it’s the older style, functionality, lack of space to organize, etc., a bathroom gets old; therefore, sprucing it up provides a clean space to help your family clean up.


Think outside the box to save costs by updating an old mirror to replace your current one. Consider installing unique lighting to focus attention away from something else; for example, laminate flooring. A fresh coat of paint to brighten the space up will help your bathroom look and feel fresh. Learn more about renovating your bathroom on a budget.


If your home has a basement, renovating it is important. It is extra space your family will actually use, so the investment in it will pay off for years to come. With a renovated basement you increase your home’s livable square footage as well as create space your family will actually enjoy spending time in. A finished basement is the perfect place for extra storage, a craft room, a theater room, a second living room, an office, and more.



If you have a high attic ceiling that is unfinished, you are missing out on additional livable square footage. A finished attic is perfect for an extra bedroom and bathroom, or maybe a playroom. It gives you the reassurance that if you decide to expand your family or have family visit, you have a comfortable environment that suits everyone. Not to mention, an attic bedroom that takes up an entire level is a great extra large master bedroom!



Outdoor Space

If you don’t have a deck, build one, or create a stone patio with a fireplace or fire pit. A well opened wooden deck or stone patio is perfect for cozy evenings or barbecues, letting you spend extra quality time with your friends and family. An outdoor living space increases the amount of livable space your home provides. A backyard with a nice layout will not only help you entertain more in your home, but it increases your home’s value as well. Get inspiration for building an outdoor living space.




Switching to a steel front door will not only raise resale value, but it provides extra safety and requires less maintenance. Aesthetics play a more important role than claims of energy efficiency, as most heated air leakage is due to cracks between the door and frame than the door itself. If you have room in your budget, spruce up your garage door as well, since it makes up a large portion of your home’s exterior and curb appeal.

Front-Doorssource 1, source 2, source 3

If you plan to stay in your current home, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to think about increasing your home’s value. Keeping your home up-to-date with homes neighboring it is crucial for selling your home down the road, when the time comes. It is also a great way to prepare your home for a larger family in case your family grows.

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