House Hunting with Mobile

by Maria SalovaMarch 5, 2014

Searching for a new home takes time, so it may seem difficult to look for a home if you’re always on the go. With an increasingly savvy society, smartphones and tablets have become essential to a person’s daily life, and because of this, many apps have been created to help you find your perfect home.
house hunting with mobile devices
Just as you search online, when searching via apps, it is still necessary to create a house hunting plan. This plan should include a budget, an idea of what your ideal home looks like, and location preferences. Having a plan like this will help you search quicker and more efficiently on a smartphone or tablet.

Mobile apps for house hunting help you keep track of current homes on the market, provide a good look before taking the time to visit the home, and can assist you with finding a real estate agent, so that when you find a few homes you think fit your criteria, you can have a thorough look and receive insight from your agent regarding other available homes.
The mobile app helps you:

  • Instantly find homes near you.
  • Bookmark your favorite properties so that you can come back to them quicker.
  • Share properties for sale with friends and family in case you would like a second opinion.
  • Receive driving directions.
  • Connect with a agent who can help you find your ideal home.

MortgageCalculatorAlong with the house hunting app, other apps can help keep you on track with your home purchasing process, including’s Mortgage Calculators App and the Mortgage Calculator, which also helps guide you through your home finances when it comes to purchasing a new home. The calculator can tell you the monthly rate, your amortization schedule, and price per square foot of the home.

Homesnap1Homesnap is also an app that can help you in your house hunting process. The app allows you to snap a photo of a house, townhouse, or condo to receive data on that listing. Data includes Realtor data, interior photos, bedrooms, bathrooms, estimated values, schools, taxes, etc.

No matter what house hunting method, a real estate agent is the best way to make your dream home become a reality. Be sure to look for one on or the mobile app.

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