7 Kitchen Life Hacks

by Jason PottsApril 25, 2014

Life tends to get busy at the drop of a hat. Your time is valuable, so why struggle with ordinary tasks? Life hacks are easy ways around normal tasks that can save you time and frustration. The kitchen is usually the biggest offender of anywhere in the house. Between cooking and cleaning, if you aren’t careful, it can take up most of your day. It’s time for a change. It’s time to hack your kitchen with Homes.com.

  1. Running out of bag clips to keep your snacks fresh? Sacrifice a plastic hanger and use the clip to seal the bag.


  2. Using a binder clip to stand a sponge up will prevent it from growing mold or mildew. This also keeps it smelling fresh!


  3. Use baking soda, a toothbrush and lemons to clean your sink and leave it smelling amazing.


  4. Keep brown sugar soft and prevent clumping by tossing a few marshmallows in the bag after opening.


  5. Use a can opener to open up difficult plastic seals. (I know, I know. Not technically kitchen material, but it does involve a can opener, so…close enough, right?)


  6. Get water spots off of your chrome faucets by rubbing them with wax paper after you clean them.


  7. Tired of the water boiling over when cooking pasta? Lay a wooden spoon across the top of the pot to break the surface tension and keep your stove top clean! (Bonus life hack: Pouring olive oil in the boiling pot will also prevent it from boiling over!)


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