TLC’s “My First Home” and Join Forces to Help St. Louis Couple Find Perfect Home

by Maggie StandingApril 18, 2014

MFH_STILL11 has partnered with leading cable network, TLC, to help the Rennies, a St. Louis couple, find the home of their dreams on the hit show, My First Home. The Rennie family used the website and mobile app as they scoured the city’s neighborhoods for a home to call their own. As first-time homebuyers, the Rennies were not sure what to expect throughout the often stressful process, but they capitalized on’s tools and resources to better prepare themselves for the plunge into homeownership. Their entire journey was captured on film.

With access to search options such as zip codes, high quality listing photos, and a newly designed user interface on, the Rennies were well-armed with knowledge and resources during the house-hunting process. The Rennies knew they wanted to be within driving distance of certain places, so they used the commute calculator and were able to calculate commute time to and from key locations – an extremely important factor for their active lifestyles.’s neighborhood information with each home listing, including price history, estimated values, and relevant property records, helped the Rennies make an offer decision with their real estate professional.

Excited about buying their first home, the Rennies contacted area Realtor® Allen Brake to help them throughout the search process. Not sure of what their vision of the perfect dream home entailed, they turned to Allen for his expertise and insight regarding their thoughts on a single-family home versus an investment property. Interested in keeping monthly payments to a minimum, James was intent on properties with the potential for rental units. Using the Mortgage Calculator was key, as he utilized it to determine how much monthly payments would be before and after renting out their property.

James and Megan Rennie were able to find their ideal St. Louis home. Their entire journey can be viewed on Saturday, April 26 at 12:30 p.m. on TLC’s My First Home.

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