Top Smart Home Technology Apps to Download

by Elyssa BernsteinMay 5, 2014

Studies show that today’s homebuyers are looking for a home that has the most up-to-date technology. That’s where smart home and eco-friendly apps come into play. Imagine turning off your lights, controlling the thermostat, or even making sure your front door is locked with a simple touch on your smartphone. Smart home technology allows your computer, tablet, smart TV, or smartphone to communicate with your home. You don’t even have to be at home in order to check up on it! Smart home technology apps can be considered eco-friendly, as your app can automatically turn off your lights at a certain time versus keeping them on all day or night.
There are many smart home technology apps out there, but here are the best of the best that you can download for FREE!

To Control Lighting

Control all the lights in your home with Hue Personal Wireless Lighting! This app manages every light in your home by turning them on or off, changing the color, or altering the brightness. You can even recreate the perfect color for your lights from a photo…how cool is that? The free app is provided by Philips, who also created Hue light bulbs that work specifically with the app. The light bulbs come with a bridge that plugs into your modem, which will then connect to your app on your phone. To begin, get the starter kit today!

To Lock Your Doors

The SmartThings App can do lots of cool things. It can connect to your locks, light switches, outlets, and thermostat. However, SmartThings goes above and beyond for front door and window security because the app notifies you when family members arrive and leave your home. You can feel safe at all times with SmartThings. Also, if you’re one of those people who always forget your keys when you leave home, you can rest easy. The app will unlock your door for you!

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