Moving Essentials: How to Survive Your Move

by Maggie StandingJuly 11, 2014

A quick search for “Moving Essentials” yields more than 22 million results. But what’s really necessary to survive a move? From packing supplies to transportation, and Mattress Firm want to help make your move as smooth as possible, so we’ve put together a list of the five must-have moving essentials.

1. Moving Checklist:

Use a checklist to organize and plan your move. Include a list of things you’ll need for the move and a timeline to set goals and keep track of progress. Include important contacts and key dates and keep several copies available so that you can easily access this information during the move. Your checklist will serve as a running to-do list and reminder for things you need to accomplish before the big day.

2. Recycling and Donation Boxes:

Don’t forget to pick up a few extra boxes to pack items that you want to recycle or donate. Moving is an ideal time to sort through things you haven’t used in a while, and consolidate belongings before moving into your new place. Even large items, like mattresses, can be recycled. Mattress Firm currently partners with Sleep, Inc. to keep mattresses out of landfills – approximately 60,000 mattresses a year are ground or shredded and re-purposed for other industries.

3. Packing Supplies:

Stock up on supplies for packing, including packaging for your larger items like TVs, sofas and mattresses. For added convenience, seal boxes with colored duct tape to color code the room in which they belong. Even simple household items can be used for packing – for example, use sandwich bags to hold items such as nails, screws and other small furniture pieces.

4. Transportation:

Whether you choose to hire a moving service, or simply decide to rent a truck and move on your own, determining your method of transportation with plenty of time before moving day is a crucial component to successfully moving. The summer months are especially busy, so secure a moving company or rent a truck well in advance to avoid paying premium prices or having to push back your move date.

5. Moving Survival Kits:

It’s often difficult to find things that you’ve packed after a move, especially during the first few days into your new home. Pack a survival kit with items such as your ID, medications, important documents, water, snacks, toilet paper and grooming essentials to make your first few days a bit easier.

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