Home Decor Trend: Going Ombre

by Maria SalovaAugust 13, 2014

Ombre color has been a trend for the last year, but it has moved from just personal beauty to home decor. Whether it is used on the stairs, in the accessories, or on the walls, ombre is the perfect way to go if you’re feeling adventurous with your decorating. Here are some style ideas to inspire your next DIY decor project!

Ombre Stairs

Talk about adding pizzazz! Painting each step a different shade adds a whole lot of ‘wow’ factor to a wooden staircase. These examples show just how colorful, yet classy it can look.


Ombre Walls

Painting stairs in ombre is quite the commitment, so if you are interested in adding the color trend to your home without too serious of a commitment, then painting the walls is the way to go. It adds just as much ‘wow’ factor but can be painted over in the future if the time has come to change things up.


Tile is also a great way to add the ombre color with a modern feel to a home, whether it’s in the bathroom or kitchen! Although more of a commitment than painting walls, ombre tile has a more subtle and timeless look.


Ombre Furniture

An even less “riskier” ombre decor idea would be to paint furniture to look ombre or like paint chips. For instance, a dresser with many drawers can be painted so that each drawer is a different shade of blue, coral, etc.



Ombre Accents

Okay, so maybe you love the ombre look but you don’t want to commit. Accent pieces like pillows, vases, bed sheets, or even paintings (great DIY opportunity) can be used to add this trending design in your home. If you want a lot of pizzazz without the commitment, a large canvas with ombre coloring can give off a similar feeling to painting your walls ombre.




With home decor heavily focusing on pops of color and unique design, you can see why ombre would be favored so much! What do you think of this trending home design? Would you incorporate it into your home?

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