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How To Create Your Own Vinyl House Numbers

The DIY experts spruce up their curb appeal under $20.00 by adding DIY vinyl house numbers! Watch the tutorial here.

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The DIY experts Jacque and Matt show you how to spruce up your curb appeal for just under $20.00! Adding DIY vinyl house numbers to your home can transform the look and increase your curb appeal on a budget, making it a must-add to your DIY list! Watch the video tutorial for the step-by-step tips that will help ensure a beautiful final result and spruce up your curb appeal.

If you have your own vinyl cutter, this is the perfect project for you. If you don’t own a vinyl cutter, you can still easily do this project, because your local sign shop will be able to cut your vinyl numbers for you.

Create your design on your computer in the font that you would like your house numbers to be.

Consider using cast vinyl for outdoor numbers, because cast vinyl is stronger and lasts longer than counter vinyl.

Once your vinyl house numbers are ready to be applied to the outside of your home, use painter’s tape to keep the numbers in place and centered.

Remove the back of the DIY vinyl house numbers one half at a time, like a hinge, to ensure your house numbers are straight. This makes applying the vinyl numbers much easier!

For more DIY video tutorials, visit the YouTube Channel. If you have a DIY video tutorial suggestion for the DIY experts, share your ideas below in the comments!

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