Where is Your Perfect Retirement City?

by Vinny NegronDecember 30, 2014

Retirement is often considered the “golden years,” and with housing prices in constant flux, gold is often a commodity needed when buying a retirement home! When considering where your future idyllic post-work city might be located, Forbes Magazine published a ‘best of’ list. Forbes considered ideal surroundings, facilities, lifestyle and affordability for those seeking the perfect retirement home, as well as the perfect retirement city, as they start a new phase of life.
Homes.com is always looking to provide the tools needed to find the perfect place to call home – whether it’s for a transition into retirement, a first home purchase or to accommodate a growing family! For folks looking to retire, we took the Forbes top five and built a list of great homes for the average price noted.

Take a look at what might be your perfect retirement city,  and let us know if you find the perfect retirement home!
5. Blacksburg, Virginia – Average home price of $210,000
4. Bellingham, Washington – Average home price of $266,000
3. Austin, Texas – Average home price of $225,000
2. Auburn, Alabama – Average home price of $165,000
1. Abilene, Texas – Average home price of $139,000

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