Joan Rivers’ Former Upper East Side Condo for Sale

by Christine DemosMarch 9, 2015

Living the Grand Life in the Big Apple

Some real estate listings are to be considered impressive, and a few others can even legitimately be called breathtaking. But it’s a rare gem, indeed, that can be called “legendary” – especially when it’s true.

It’s not a word we throw around much, but in the case of this property formerly owned by the late Joan Rivers, it’s completely justified. Have a look at 1 E. 62nd Street in New York City, and you’ll see just what we mean.

Upper East Side Style in NYC

This classically decorated Upper East Side penthouse was home to the late, great Joan Rivers, and like its former owner, it’s had a bit of work done. In a word, this opulent residence is truly magnificent. You’ll enjoy a rarefied view through your floor-to-ceiling windows. You’ll shrug off the east coast winter easily, standing next to its impressive fireplaces. And you’ll feel confident entertaining the most distinguished guests in its grand parlor and mezzanine.

Plenty of Room In This Upper East Side Condo

At more than 5,000 square feet, calling this residence a condo is a bit of a joke. Here, you’ll have lots of room for dancing, hosting social events, and pursuing artistic endeavors. In a city like New York, this much space is a rarity, even in the most luxurious buildings around town.

Elegance Embodied

As you might imagine, a refined woman such as Rivers had very cultivated tastes. She described the décor in this jewel of a penthouse as “Louis XIV meets Fred and Ginger,” and said, “This is how Marie Antoinette would have lived if she’d had money.”
These descriptions aren’t far off. It truly is a grand living space, resplendent with coffered ceilings, gold leaf moldings, sparkling chandeliers, and gilded boisserie columns. The entertaining areas are double-height, and some are painted tromp-l’oeil style to resemble wide-open blue skies opening up above your head.

A Room With a View in This NYC Condo

From this capacious residence’s over-sized terrace, you can survey a sizable slice of Central Park. It’s a view that makes you want to wake up every day and take life by the horns, just as the late Queen of Comedy certainly always did.

All the Amenities You Could Ask For

This luxurious building has long been an enclave of the rich and famous. In addition to being the former home of Joan Rivers, it was once inhabited by Ernest Hemingway, as well. As you’d expect, a building of this caliber has all the creature comforts you’d ever need. There’s a doorman and concierge, valet parking, and so much more. It’s an extremely secure and comfortable way to experience the Big Apple, assuming, of course, that you can afford it.

Perfection Has Its Price in NYC

So just how much will living like Joan Rivers cost you? Well, we’re not sure about plastic surgery bills, but her former residence can be yours for a cool $28 million. Is that a lot to pay for a condominium? Perhaps. But then, this is no ordinary condominium.

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