Key Things Millennials Should Look and Lookout for in a Landlord

by DeVante BattsMay 29, 2015

I recently had a bad experience with my landlord, and I’d like to share a bit of what I learned throughout the process. As a millennial looking for a place to live, we often consider renting – since we may not be ready to be tied down to a mortgage. Heck, we’re still getting our lives together trying to figure out what we want to do with our lives. Some of us are still trying to get our degree! Of course, the usual factors we pay attention to in determining where to live are cost, location, utilities, and living space. But another important factor to consider in our final decision is the owner of the property we may potentially lease – the landlord. They come in all different shapes and sizes. Here are some things you should look for and look out for in a landlord before leasing with them.

Ask questions about the previous tenant(s) of the property.

You can learn a lot about a landlord by asking them questions about the previous tenants that occupied the property before you did. Are they bad-mouthing the previous tenants? Did the landlord mention the tenants breaking their lease? Look out for any red flags in his or her explanation.

Make sure your landlord has some technological literacy.

Having to pay your landlord with a check or money order is inconvenient when you have the internet. Ask if your landlord accepts payments electronically, and be sure to consider any additional service fees.

Since millennials are the leaders of the age of information and technology, we often prefer texting. See if your landlord is willing to communicate through text as well as through a phone call.

Take note of his or her behavior.

As the landlord is showing you around the premises, watch for changes in their behavior on certain topics or certain areas of the property. Ask questions if you feel like there’s something wrong or something you feel uncomfortable with.

If you have roommates, make sure they’re comfortable as well.

If you have roommates, they may have different preferences than you when it comes to living space. Make sure they’re just as comfortable with the premises as you are.

Check his professionalism.

Since this is a business relationship, you always want to keep things professional. Take note of how promptly your landlord gets back to you, the method of handling things as far as lease negotiation and any fixes that need to be done to the property, and even as far as the way he/she dresses. These things can tell a lot about how your landlord handles business.

Check reviews.

This may be difficult if the landlord owns only a single unit property. However if you’re dealing with a medium to large sized company, check review sites like Yelp for reviews about his or her property management company. Your best source of information is other tenants who have come before you.

These are just a few tips to decide if your potential landlord is right for you. Have any other questions or advice? Leave a comment below or contact us on Facebook, Twitter, or any of our other social media platforms.

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