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14 Ways to Make Your Home Cool and Interesting

Making Your Home into a Palace

True, your home is where you live, but it can also be the place where you let your dreams run wild. Have a look at these 14 amazing and novel ways to make your home cooler and more interesting. Some of them are cheap and easy, others require a bit bigger investment of time or money, but they’re all pretty awesome.

Add a Slide

Stairs are so passé. Why not put in a slide, too?! Yeah, you’ll still have to take the stairs up, but getting back down again will be a blast every time.


…Or a Fireman’s Pole

Slides are fun, but a fireman’s pole would be quicker. If you’re always in a hurry to eat breakfast, then having a fireman’s pole would be a pretty cool addition to the house.

Put up Some Art, for Crying Out Loud!

Bare walls can make a house appear to be kind of boring, and you certainly don’t have to be a millionaire to have great art on your walls. Just go to the next art walk in your city, and support your local creative community, or have enlargements made of some of your favorite Instagram photos.

Cat Highways

Cats love to climb on things, so why not give them something fun to do? Build a network of cat-accessible tubes from room to room so your cats can travel in style. They’ll love it.

Vintage Furniture

New furniture can be cool, but there’s something about having a few vintage pieces around that adds style to your home. Check out your local thrift store every so often. You never know when you might score an awesome mid-century table or antique dresser.

Indoor Water Features

There’s nothing quite like the sound of a bubbling fountain to set your mind at ease. So why not build a fountain indoors? You could even put a koi pond in your foyer. Just don’t fall in!

Aquarium Walls

While we’re on the subject of fish, wouldn’t it be cool to have a whole wall that was a giant aquarium? It would be especially neat if it separated two rooms, so you could see your seascape from either side.

Get a Cool Rug

Rugs can really tie a room together, and they’re available in so many cool styles. You can go for modern and minimal, or opt for a classic vibe with a lovingly worn Persian carpet. Either way, it’ll add warmth and panache to your décor.

Turn Your TV Into a Work of Art

These days, all the new luxury homes hide TVs behind faux paintings. That’s pretty cool, but you could probably come up with a DIY solution that will be just as awesome, without the big price tag. Find a deep picture frame that will accommodate your TV set, and mount a printed shade inside it. When you want to watch your favorite series, just retract the shade and you’re ready to go.

Indoor Climbing Wall

Rock climbing is fun and healthy, but you don’t always have the time to head out to your favorite climbing spots. Building a climbing wall in your backyard is a big project, but it’s totally doable in a weekend or three.


1 & 2

Paint Those Walls!

If your life could use a bit more color, then painting your walls is one of the fastest ways to get there. Choose a color that makes you feel inspired, grab a bucket and roller, and get to work.

Make a Living Wall

Living walls are all the rage these days, and they’re pretty easy to make. As an added bonus, you can create an indoor herb garden that doesn’t take up much space and will make your home-cooked meals even tastier.

Backyard Firepit

A fire pit makes a wonderful focal point for backyard BBQs. There are plenty of ways to make a fire pit, too, from simple to elaborate. Surround it with some stylish benches, and you’ll have a backyard hangout you’ll be proud to show off.

Go-Kart Racetrack

Have a big yard full of boring? What you need is a go-kart racetrack. Bonus points for wicked jumps. What are you worried about? Of course your neighbors will love it. They’ll get over the noise as long as you let them take a spin once in a while.

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