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5 Major Differences Between LA and NYC That You Might Not Know

Apples and Oranges

New York and Los Angeles are both on the short list of the world’s premiere cities, but while they do have certain things in common, in many ways, they’re as different as two cities could possibly be. Here are 5 major differences between LA an NYC that you probably didn’t know.


New York Is Way More Expensive

If you’ve never lived in either of these cities, then you might think that the cost of living in one would be similar to the cost of living in the other. You’d be dead wrong. Sure, they’re pretty pricey compared to life in some unremarkable suburb, but New York is way more expensive than LA. In LA, the rich live in stylish, spacious mansions. In New York, they live in apartments. Spacious apartments, mind you, but apartments nonetheless.

Consider this: based on recent consumer index data, you’d need 56% percent more disposable income to maintain your LA lifestyle in the Big Apple.

LA Is a Car City, New York Is Not

New York was already a major city when Los Angeles was just a gold rush boom-town. Further, LA didn’t fully hit its stride until America’s love affair with the automobile was in full swing. As a result, LA was designed with car travel in mind, and to live the LA lifestyle, you really have to have your own vehicle.

In contrast, most New Yorkers are perfectly content to live without having a vehicle. Parking is exorbitantly expensive, streets are crowded, and between walking and taking the subway, you can easily get to anywhere in the city.

LA Is for Dreamers. New York Is for Realists

In Los Angeles, it seems like everyone is perpetually between gigs. It’s almost rude to question magical thinking in LA, and people will politely accept any reason for hanging out at the coffeehouse all day on a Wednesday.

New York, on the other hand, will tolerate no such nonsense. The Big Apple has a way of cutting dreamers down to size, and nobody can afford to wait around for the next big thing to land in their laps, or they’ll end up on the street.

New York Has Seasons; LA Has -A- Season

In Los Angeles, you can expect it to be in the 60s or 70s pretty much year-round. In New York, the autumn leaves are gorgeous, the springtime is alive with flowers and throngs of excited people shaking off the wintertime blues, the winters are freezing, and the summers are hot and muggy. If you’re a fan of variety, New York is the clear winner. Still, it’s hard to argue with LA’s perpetual summertime.

New York Beaches Versus LA Beaches

Los Angeles is legendary for its coastline, so it’s hard for New York to compete on this front. But even though surfing might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of New York, there are actually some really nice beaches only a short subway ride from the city. Sandy Hook, Fire Island, and Rockaway Beach all come to mind. No, they’re not Santa Monica, Malibu or Venice Beach, but they’re still ideal spots for basking in the summer rays.

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