9 Ways to Prove Santa Really Came

by Jamey MortonDecember 4, 2015

Santa Claus Isn’t Real? Then How Do You Explain This?

As grownups, we all know that Santa Claus is absolutely, 100% real – there’s no doubt about it. But there comes a time in every youngster’s life when they start to question many things about the world around them, and Santa Claus’s legitimacy as the bringer of gifts may fall under some suspicion.

It’s up to us to keep the Christmas spirit alive. Santa Claus, being the stealthy old elf that he is, may leave behind a woeful lack of solid evidence of his visit. So we may have to help him out a bit. With that in mind, here are nine tried and true ways to prove that Santa Claus really does exist, and that he did indeed pay your home a visit this year.

Who Ate Santa’s Snacks?

It’s tradition to leave a few goodies out for jolly old Saint Nick. In the morning, the milk is half-empty and the cookies have been reduced to crumbs. What’s more, the carrots and celery left out in the yard for the reindeer are completely gone. And what’s that on the grass? It could be aloe vera gel, but it looks like reindeer slobber to us! It’s obvious that mom and dad didn’t eat the reindeer snacks. They don’t slobber like that!

Santa Made a Video Just for You!

Letters are nice, but a personalized video from Santa himself? Now that’s proof positive. We’ve heard rumors that Santa sends video messages to a few lucky kids each year. He even says their names, and you can see pictures of them in his book of who’s been naughty or nice.

What’s That Sound?

Jingle jingle jingle! Ho Ho Ho! Did you hear that? It sounded like Santa Claus was just outside on the rooftop, laughing as he took off in the sleigh. He’s gone now, but I definitely heard him, didn’t you? Whatever happened to that old baby monitor, anyway?

A Personalized Letter From Santa

Santa loves the treats you set out for him. Sometimes, they’re so delicious that he’ll leave a little personalized thank-you note, and it’s always clear that the note is from Santa. We don’t have any stationary that looks like this, and it doesn’t match mom’s handwriting, either.

Santa’s Special Wrapping Paper

Unfamiliar wrapping paper is a sure sign that these newly arrived gifts aren’t from anyone we know. Santa wraps his presents in his own special gift wrap, made by elves at the North Pole. Remember?

Photographic Proof of Santa’s Existence

Hmm. That’s odd. My digital camera must have been left on overnight. Wait! What’s this? It’s a picture of Santa Claus in this very living room. See? Right there! He’s eating the cookies. On’tday owknay otoshopPhay? Try Capture the Magic.

Track Santa’s Flight

Way back when, little boys and girls just had to have faith that Santa Claus would make it to all the houses on time. Nobody really knew how he did it, but he never failed to deliver the goods. These days, you can actually track Santa Claus’s journey from the North Pole. Check out Google’s Santa Tracker or NORAD to monitor the big guy’s progress around town.

Santa Caught on Video

Did you know that there are several YouTube videos that clearly show St. Nick in action? There are, and some of them are irrefutable. Of course, the evidence is all the more persuasive when it hits close to home. Maybe you’ll catch Santa on your security camera this year.

Whose Bootprints Are These?

Look up there on the roof. Are those Santa’s boot prints? It’s either that or someone with a boot attached to a long broomstick and more sense than to get up on a snowy roof is trying to fake us out. But that doesn’t seem very likely, does it?

The Evidence Is In

We may have doubted Santa’s existence before, but in the face of this highly persuasive evidence, we’ll have to reconsider our position! Happy holidays from Homes.com!

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