Simple Upcycled Bench Transformation

by Karianne WoodDecember 24, 2015

Bench project High Res
A new year brings new resolutions. It’s a time of change, reevaluating, re-purposing, recycling, making new goals and sticking to them. So why not start with your furniture? This upcycled bench might just be the transformation you’re looking for.

This bench was headed for the donation pile. It was old, used, dark and dreary had been sitting around the house, and I needed something new. Or did I?

Here’s where we started. This before picture shows you the original color and the heart cut-out at the top of the bench.
Back of Heart bench High Res
I know. I get it. I understand. Heart cut-outs are so 2015. But now? Here’s what that heart cut-out looks like.
DIY Bench Project High Res
And it was so simple to fix.

All you need is a piece of balsa wood and an architectural cut out from the craft store. You can find both items back in the wood section of the store.

Here’s a close-up of the fix.
Top of Bench HIgh Ries
I simply cut a square out of the balsa wood with scissors and glued it to the back of the bench. Then I glued the architectural piece onto the wood. There were hearts on the sides of the bench, so I simply repeated the process with the side of the bench as well.
Side of Bench High Res
I chose a different architectural piece to mix it up a little. I let the pieces dry and painted the entire bench white with two coats of satin paint.

Here’s one more look at the bench with its new look.
Top of Side of Bench High Res
New look. New year. Complete transformation. P.S. Here’s hoping I stick to the rest of my goals for this year as easily as I transformed this bench!

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