DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath

by Karianne WoodJanuary 7, 2016

Valentine’s Day: February 14. The day of cupid and love and cards and hearts and arrows and sweethearts… and super cute wreaths. Yep, Valentines Day is all about red and pink wreaths festooned with hearts and pompom ribbons. Want to make your own? All you need is for this  Valentine’s Day wreath is an afternoon, wooden cut-outs, a wooden wreath form, paint and a little heart.
I started the project with these inexpensive hearts from the craft store. I bought four different sizes of hearts for the wreath. The wreath was made with approximately 12 of each kind of heart.
Next, I selected a wooden wreath form from the craft store. These wreath forms come in a variety of sizes. I chose a 12” wreath form for this project.
Next, I selected three different colors of paint and painted the different sizes of hearts. Painting tip:  with darker colors, like the red, you will want to allow time to paint two coats. Let dry. Paint the wreath form red.
Starting with the largest hearts, glue hearts in a random pattern onto the wreath form. Continue to layer the hearts in a random pattern until you have the shape and form of wreath you want. Turn hearts different directions in a random pattern when gluing onto the wreath.
Finish the wreath project with a pompom ribbon. Your wreath is now ready to decorate your space and make cupid feel right at home. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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