Texas: Home State of 4 Presidents and 5 of the Hottest Cities to Move to in 2016

by Matty ByloosFebruary 26, 2016

Live Bigger in Texas

If you’ve been feeling tired of your current home and want to experience a different kind of life, why not move to Texas where four of our very own U.S. President’s once called home? Dwight Eisenhower, our 34th President, and  Lyndon Johnson, our 36th President, were both born in Texas.  This is also the state where both George W. Bush and his father resided at one point in their careers before coming U.S. Presidents. If you think of snakes, scorpions, and tumbleweeds when you think of Texas, think again. It’s the biggest state in America and has one of the biggest housing markets this side of the Mississippi.

With more land, you can buy a bigger house, which means bigger upside gains, and the chance to build your own real estate portfolio. Check out these five amazing Texas cities where you can snap up a house for a great price. Texas is a unique state to live in, with a great housing market and several cities where the real estate market is heating up in 2016.
City of Austin's downtown with Congress Bridge and Townlake

Keep Austin Weird

Portland is not the only city that wants to keep things funky, as Austin, Texas is known as the most liberal and funky of Texan cities. And Austin certainly has a lot going for it – it’s the home of the University of Texas, and the music and film festival South by Southwest is hosted there annually.

There is also a great selection of restaurants and after-hours entertainment for those who like going out on the town. Since it is the fourth largest city in Texas, there is plenty to do when it comes to both nature time and entertainment. The houses in Austin are beautiful, and each has its own unique personality. With all of these qualities going for it, Austin real estate is well worth a look this year.

Keller, Texas –  Now

Keller, Texas is blissfully removed from the busier bustle of the larger cities in Texas, though it resides in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. Keller is an affluent city, and as such, the homes are a bit pricier than in other parts of the state, but this also means that the quality of the homes there ranks higher than in other cities. All of the homes in Keller typically retain the same style of architecture, and with plenty of work opportunities of all stripes, investing in Keller real estate in 2016 could be a smart play.
Aerial of Downtown dallas texas in spring

Dallas Delight

The beautiful thing about Dallas, Texas is that as a city, it is larger than life — and of equal importance, the homes are affordable, spacious, and ready for you to move in today. Dallas is a cosmopolitan city, with plenty of great schools and a thriving arts scene. It is the third largest city in Texas, and located in the northern part of the state. The homes in Dallas are sure to delight!

San Antonio, Sans Problem

San Antonio, Texas is a gem of a city, located along the banks of the San Antonio River in the southern-central part of the state. Originally a Spanish mission, the homes and architecture of the city still retains some Old World charm. There are many fun and exciting things to do in San Antonio, whether you’re into strolling the boardwalk after a fancy meal, taking in a pro basketball game with a team that consistently posts winning seasons, getting historical with the a trip to the preserved Alamo, or getting your kids out for some fun at the Six Flags amusement park. We hope you love these San Antonio homes as much as we do.

Hot in Houston

The homes in Houston are hot on the market right now, making 2016 an excellent time to consider this city for your next home. Houston is a friendly city with a lot to offer, and it’s also the largest city in Texas. As such, Houston has a lot going on at all times, whether it be cultural events, music festivals, restaurant openings, and more. With the city’s beautiful downtown skyline, plenty of career opportunities in a diverse economy, and family-friendly neighborhoods where you can easily get started in life, the homes in Houston, Texas are also looking very promising in 2016.
Skyscrapers reflecting in the river in Houston

Live Happy in Texas

Whichever city you choose to live in, you really can’t go wrong. Texas has everything a person could want, and always has more to offer. These five cities all have their own charm, and offer something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a classic mansion with a duck pond and a pony, or a smaller home that’s just right for a family of four, Texas real estate has it all.

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