Desert Contemporary Party House With Disney Designed Waterfalls

by Sasha CarterApril 19, 2016

Members Only!

If you’re a golf fan, then you’ve probably heard of the Vintage Club–it’s as exclusive as they come. This high desert oasis boasts not one but two Tom Fazio-designed golf courses. The Vintage Club doesn’t publicize its roster of members, but with a membership fee of $300k and annual dues of $17.5 million, you can bet that the fairways here have played host to the who’s who of moguls and stars.

It’s a rarefied atmosphere, to be sure. But even among the glitzy estates that surround this refuge for the fabulously rich, one home attracts more wanton gazes than any other: 7430 Palo Verde Drive.
 74380 Palo Verde Drive, Indian Wells CA, 92210

Fashion! (Turn to the Left)

Sleek and contemporary, this stunning home blends the sensual palette of the desert with striking modern design. The bright accent colors are the distilled essence of the California dream.

Here, jade foo dogs relax in the shade of a coral tubular archway, majestic palm trees sway to the rhythm of endless summer, and impossible sculptures seem to hover in the shimmering sunset.
 74380 Palo Verde Drive, Indian Wells CA, 92210
In the back yard, you’ll find an inviting pool, complete with its own lagoon and spacious Jacuzzi. There’s a swim-up bar, a full outdoor kitchen, and a shady pink cabana. Disney designed the waterfalls that surround the pool, a coup de grace for an already magical kingdom. At night, the pool lights up with dazzling color: welcome to your permanent vacation.
 74380 Palo Verde Drive, Indian Wells CA, 92210

Your Right to Party Is Well Established

If you’re purchasing an estate like this, then chances are that you’re the entertaining type, and this party-ready compound is equipped to handle even the most high-spirited soiree. Some homes have a space designed for entertaining; this one has a dedicated party house. That’s right: the listing includes a separate, 6,200 square-foot home designed purely for enjoyment.

Inside, you and your friends could dance the night away beneath neon-lit ceilings. You could show off your trick shots on custom pool tables while you enjoy the sounds of the player piano. You could enjoy craft cocktails from the full wet bar, and if you get hungry, you can whip up your favorite midnight snack in the well-equipped party kitchen.
 74380 Palo Verde Drive, Indian Wells CA, 92210

You Might Think We’re Crazy

Oh wait – we haven’t even visited the main house yet. Just for fun, we’ll let you take a guess about what you’ll find inside. Is it:

  1. A: Marble floors and pastel walls
  2. B: Neon everywhere and crazy modern art
  3. C: A vast gem and mineral collection
  4. D: All of the above, plus a tan piano

Did you guess D? Good job. This home is 12,000 square feet of sheer interrobang. It’s amazing. Of course, it comes equipped with all the standard creature comforts: a master bedroom with a dedicated living room and spa, a professional-grade chef’s kitchen with neon overheads, a spacious home theater, soaring ceilings, and a well-appointed gym.
 74380 Palo Verde Drive, Indian Wells CA, 92210

This Must Be the Place

This capacious compound was conceived in the 1980s, and in a way, it’s the perfect time capsule of a unique architectural language. Had lesser hands wielded the designer’s pen, it might now seem tacky. Instead, it’s flashy and excessive, but still beautiful. It has underground parking for 6 Lamborghini Countaches, 5 Ferrari Testarossas, and a Porsche 911 for those days when you want to keep a low profile. And while it’s certainly a product of its era, the property is what you might call a prime specimen, a superlative example of what can be achieved with neon lights, sharp angles, glass bricks, and butterscotch leather. Either you want it or you don’t, but we’re pretty sure you do.

Yeah… you do.

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