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Should You Paint Your Home Before You Sell It?

There are a few things that almost always help sell homes faster, and many of these helpful tips and tricks are found throughout our blog. In this article, we will be specifically talking about whether or not you should paint your home before you sell it. Paint is definitely one of the cheapest and quickest ways to improve the viewing experience for all the prospective buyers. Here’s a few reasons why painting before you placed your home on the market might be a good idea.

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In short, yes! Paint is definitely one of the cheapest and quickest ways to improve the viewing experience for prospective buyers. Here are a few reasons why painting before you place your home on the market might be a good idea.

First Impressions Matter

First and foremost, paint significantly affects a buyer’s first impression of a space, and, if done well, highlights the character and personality of a home. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so it’s vital to make sure that your paint selections say “welcome home.”

Fresh Paint Feels Nicer

Fresh Paint

A fresh coat of paint can make a home feel well maintained and appropriately taken care of. To illustrate this point, think about a home that has peeling, dirty, or faded paint. Bad paint in one area can give the impression that the entire home isn’t in good shape. Purchasers are uniquely aware of this, and are constantly judging the condition of the home and comparing it to other homes at a comparable price. New paint gives the home a sense that it’s been lovingly maintained and is ready for immediate occupancy!

Better Pictures = A Better Listing

Painting your home before you sell it is also a smart idea because it’ll make your online pictures look better, which will ultimately attract more buyers. A vast majority of all home searches begin online. A typical buyer quickly swipes through the first several photos of each house, and if there’s something not within their taste, they dismiss that listing. Bold and dramatic paint colors do not traditionally appeal and may take your home out of the running even before a potential buyer steps foot on your property. Painting your home with the mass market in mind prior to photos will make your listing stand out for all the right reasons to potential buyers.

Both for pictures and in-person showings, fresh paint can make a home feel bright and clean. Natural light is a huge selling feature in today’s market, and light and neutral colors can serve to further enhance any light that comes in through windows and doors. Covering up dirt, scuff marks, and scratches with new paint is also an artificial way of cleaning the home.

Paint Over The Smell

One last and perhaps minor advantage of painting your home before you sell it is that it can mask and encapsulate old smells. Smell is known to be one of the most closely linked senses to memory, and the last thing you want is for your house to be remembered for it’s funky smell. Fresh paint can do that.

A Paint Can

Have you been waffling about whether or not to paint your house before listing it? Go for it! Most buyers are looking for homes that are move-in ready. They may be willing to tackle one or two projects, but the majority stray away from a home that needs a whole house makeover. Neutralizing paint colors makes that transition all the easier. Also, fresh paint gives a great first impression, makes the home look maintained, present well for online pictures, brighten up the feel of the home, and bring about a positive aroma. For more helpful tips be sure to check out 5 things homeowners overlook when selling a home.

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