Spring Is Here! 10 New Garden Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

by Alex ThatcherApril 21, 2016

Winter is a tough season for gardeners. Most stare listlessly out their windows, anxiously waiting for the last frost warning day to pass so they can start planting the year’s first batch of crops and flowers. Of course, there’s still plenty for a gardener to do while they’re waiting for spring’s return, but it’s not until that first spring day that they really feel alive.

Well, spring is here! And as usual, with another new spring season comes a great selection of new and improved garden gadgets. Here are ten of the latest must-have gardening tools you’re going to want by your side in the garden this year.

Seedlings of lettuce with gardening tools outside the potting shed

1. Gardening Apps

If your smartphone is never far from your side, even when you’re gardening, then why not put it to work in the garden? There are several gardening apps available for Android and iOS that can help you learn everything from when to plant tomatoes, to how to design the ultimate garden layout for the limited space you have available.

Best of all, these apps are easy to follow and a lot of them are free, so now anyone can plant and grow a successful garden, even if they’ve never picked up a hoe before. We recommend Leafsnap, which can help you to identify any species of tree, and iScape, which can show you what your yard will look like after it’s been landscaped.

2. Garden Cam

Did you lose a lot of crops last year to a mysterious, unknown critter? With a garden cam, you’ll be able to monitor your crops around the clock so you’ll be able to see what’s happening in your garden, day and night.

3. Infragram

Another camera for the garden, the Infragram is unlike others in that it uses infrared technology to analyze the health of your plants. This camera is powered by an open-source program, so it can be easily altered to accommodate any need.

Close up view of the working bees on the honeycomb with sweet honey. Honey is beekeeping healthy produce. Bee honey collected in the yellow beautiful honeycomb.

4. VegiBee Sonic Garden Pollinator

With the honeybee shortage still affecting gardeners, those who want to enjoy the benefits of pollinated plants need to take matters into their own hands, literally. The VegiBee Sonic Garden Pollinator is a hand-held tool that imitates the high-frequency vibrations of a bee’s wings during pollination. When held near a flower, the vibrations cause the bloom’s pollen to release into a spoon, which you can then use to pollinate your vegetable plants.

5. Electronic Owl

Small critters can quickly decimate a garden, destroying all of your hard work almost overnight. But, by putting a sophisticated animatronic electric owl in your garden, the critters will be too scared to enter, and you’ll enjoy a much more successful yield this summer.

6. Bosch ALR 900 Lawn Raker

Nobody loves cleaning up the yard, but with the Bosch ALR 900 Lawn Raker, you won’t mind doing it at all. The ALR 900 features a powerful 900 W Powerdrive motor and a “Jet-Collect System” that provides fast and clog-free raking. The tool is electric so it’s eco-friendly, and it’s lightweight so your back will thank you.

7. Log Splitting Grenade

If you have a lot of logs you need to cut this spring so you can be prepped for fall and winter, then the Roughneck Log Splitting Grenade will help you make short work of all of that timber. For just about $17, this inexpensive gadget allows you to split a log into four pieces with just one or two hits of the hammer.

Wooden Logs pilled in a forest in Autumn

8. Garden Groom Hedge Trimmer

The Garden Groom Hedge Trimmer is the ultimate hedge trimmer because it’s lightweight — on top of that, it not only trims your hedges quickly, but it also shreds and collects the trimmings so there’s absolutely no cleanup. It’s safe for anyone to use because it doesn’t have exposed blades, and it’s the perfect gardening gadget for composters because all of the collected trimmings can be dumped right in the compost pile.

9. Husqvarna Automower®

There’s nothing worse than having your gardening time cut short because you have to mow the lawn. But, with the Husqvarna Automower®, your lawn is mowed automatically. You simply set it and forget it. While you’re working in the garden, the little robotic mower cuts your grass with zero supervision. Think “Roomba,” only for the yard.

10. Small Wonder Hozelock Pico Reel

Are you sick and tired of trying to manage your watering hoses? If so, then The Small Wonder Hozelock Pico Reel will be one of your favorite new gardening gadgets. This watering system was designed specifically for gardeners with patios, balconies, and small garden spaces, and it comes complete with a five-function multi-spray gun so you can water your plants, hose off your lawn furniture, and perform a full array of other gardening tasks.

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