How to Clean and Treat Wood Floors Right

by Alex ThatcherApril 5, 2016

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Wood Floors for Spring

Everyone loves the glowing warmth of beautiful wood floors. Unfortunately, very few people know how to take care of their wood floors correctly, and never really get to experience what they could look like at their best and brightest.

Cleaning and maintaining your wood floors isn’t terribly complicated or difficult, though. In fact, it’s more about what you should not do than it is about a mandatory minimum maintenance.

Spring is here. What better time could there be to learn how to clean and maintain your wood floors? Read on for some tips on how to clean and treat your wood floors right.
New home with beautiful hardwood flooring in living room area

Regular Maintenance

Let’s start things off easy. Sweep, dust-mop, or vacuum your floors on a weekly basis, especially in high foot traffic areas. Built up dirt and grime can grind into the finish of your floors, dulling the surface shine that you’re looking for.

If you’re going to use a vacuum to keep your floors clean, then make sure you are using a soft-bristled attachment. Do not use a vacuum with a rotating brush or beater bar. And if your wood floors are new, forget what we told you and follow your manufacturer’s cleaning instructions instead.

How to Get a Deeper Cleaning Accomplished

If your floors are older and it’s been some time since they were finished, then a simple cleaning may not do much to get them to shine. If the wax on your floors has become discolored or has accumulated a build-up of dirt, you will need to reach for a liquid cleanser and wax that was made specifically for your type of wood flooring.

Make sure that you are using the correct product for your floors. Products meant for tile or linoleum floors may actually hurt the finish of your wood floors.

Cleaning products should be solvent, not water, based. Apply the cleaner/wax with a cloth and rub it gently to remove old wax and surface accumulations of dirt. Wipe it clean, let it dry, and then buff it to a shine.
Kitchen in luxury home with cherry wood flooring

How to Protect Your Wood Floors

Light, dirt, fluids, and excessive heat can all damage the finish on your floors. In order to minimize damage from dirt and fluids, don’t let them accumulate or sit on the surface.

In order to protect your floors from the heat and light of the sun, use protective window treatments. Keep your pets’ nails trimmed, avoid walking on your floors in high heels and cleats, use furniture pads when possible, and rearrange your furniture as often as feasible to avoid establishing wear patterns and damaging your floors.

Wood Floors Will Only Stay as Beautiful as You Make Them

Wood floors, like so many beautiful things in your life, require regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. Make sure that you stay caught up on your cleaning, and follow the few simple dos and don’ts mentioned above.

Your floors will thank you for the effort by staying bright and beautiful for the duration of your relationship with them!

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