Father and daughter watering a young tree
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Tree Planting: 7 Tips for Creating Amazing Landscaping

When it comes to creating home landscaping, few decisions make such a lasting impact as tree choice. Get the most from your trees with these quick tips.

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Planting Trees Should Always Be Done With Care

There are few choices you will make in your home or on your property that will affect you in both subtle and dramatic ways as planting a tree. When it comes to the landscaping of your home, you may be better off consulting with a professional. But with a little bit of research at the local nursery or online, you can definitely take on the job yourself.

Knowing which trees to plant and why is a bit of an art and a science, and there are many factors to consider before you put your shovel in the ground to dig the first hole. Creating amazing landscaping can be a little overwhelming for anyone, but you can use these seven tips to take some of the pressure off.

Father and daughter watering a young tree

1. Choose Trees That Thrive in Your Climate

The first step to tree planting is knowing what will work best in your particular climate. For example, trees like palms and ash trees that thrive in the southwest will struggle in the cold winters of the north, because they may develop mold and rot problems with the extra moisture in the northwest.

Find saplings that fit your climate to give your trees the best chance to survive and thrive for years to come.

2. Make Friends With a Local Nursery

No one knows your climate and native plants better than the folks at your local nursery. Ask them about size and scale of trees, how long they take to grow, and how much watering they require. Have a few key pieces of information ready for them before you go in, and you’ll get a lot further in your research.

Know how many hours of sunlight each area of your yard gets, how much irrigation you are able to provide, and how much shade you’re looking for from your trees.

3. Create a Diverse Landscape

An amazing landscape should include many different types of plants, shrubbery, and trees that all seem to go together. Avoid mixing and matching trees that are native to different climate zones unless you’ve been assured that they will grow together and into matching colors and complimentary shapes.

Plant larger growing trees in the rear and smaller trees and shrubs in front, facing the sun whenever you can. The last thing you want is a tree to die because its neighbors outgrew it and blocked the sunlight.

4. Plan Ahead!

Really do your research regarding expected heights at different ages. Within relatively short amounts of time, a small nursery tree may dwarf the much larger tree you purchased at the same time. Be sure you know expected branch clearance and shade level, as well as water usage per tree.

5. Prioritize Your Landscaping Budget

Creating amazing landscaping can be easy if you’ve got unlimited funds. Unfortunately, most of us have to plan ahead and use our money wisely. Strategize ways to get early bang for your buck by filling in bare areas with smaller, quick-growing trees and shrubbery. And you can buy larger breeds when they are very young to save money up front on nursery costs.

tree planting tips for homeowners

6. Remember the Bloom!

Don’t forget, most trees have a blooming season where they drop blossoms and seeds for sometimes months on end. Be aware of this, and choose trees that fit your needs. You don’t want large, sharp seed litter in a play area for children, or thousands of rotting inedible fruits next to a sitting area in the yard.

Learn what your trees will do as they grow and mature, and how they fit into your lifestyle, as well as how you use your yard.

7. Know Yourself!

Maybe you’re interested in a local fruit tree, and you can easily envision a season full of delightful apples, each handpicked from the branch. But that won’t do you much good if you and your spouse work long hours and don’t have time for up-keep!

The apples will become a nuisance before too long, attracting insects and rodents to your yard and adding hours to your weekly maintenance and upkeep. Choose trees that fit your landscape and your lifestyle for maximum benefit.

Time to Get Out Into the Yard

It turns out selecting the right trees to plant for amazing landscaping isn’t so difficult at all! Just take a few notes on what you and your yard can support, and start the process by heading down to the local nursery. You’ll be building lasting beauty, shade, and character into your landscaping in no time at all.

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