Raise a Tallboy High Overhead: The Pabst Mansion in Illinois Is For Sale

by Sasha CarterMay 24, 2016

PBR Isn’t What You’d Call “Rich,” But This Mansion Certainly Is

Pabst Beer has been around for a very long time. The first bottles appeared way back in 1890, long before it became the hipster beer du jour. According to legend, the “Blue Ribbon” designation was added after the brew won the award for “America’s Best” beer at the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893. Captain Gottleib Pabst was so proud that he started tying blue silk ribbons around every bottle. This stroke of marketing genius was probably quite costly, but it did the trick: soon, bar hoppers were requesting “the beer with the blue ribbon.”

 443 Sheridan Road, Glencoe IL, 60022

By 1936, the year this stunning mansion in the Chicago suburb of Glencoe was constructed for one-time Pabst Brewing Company president Harris Perlstein, the beer was already a household name, and it was a hot seller.

The prosperity of the Pabst Company is readily apparent when touring this stunning residence. It’s a palatial Georgian affair, outfitted with the very finest materials and craftsmanship of the era.

 443 Sheridan Road, Glencoe IL, 60022

This Home Has It All

It’s a home equally suited for entertaining and intimate family gatherings, and its elegance lends a certain sophistication to even the most mundane events. Simply returning home from a long day at work would feel like a vacation at this grand resort of yesteryear.

It’s set on more than two acres of immaculately landscaped land and lush, evergreen forests. And though it’s a mere 33 minutes from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, it feels a world away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

 443 Sheridan Road, Glencoe IL, 60022

If you’re looking for a well-equipped luxury home, you’ll find all the amenities you’re seeking in the Pabst Mansion. The home boasts six stately fireplaces, a home theater, a wine cellar, a chef’s kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances, a well-appointed gym, and a game room where you can play foosball, air hockey, billiards, or ping pong with your friends.

Drink to Your Health

As you’ve probably guessed, there’s also a bar, and my, what a bar it is. With its coffered ceilings and elegant walnut paneling, it exudes the sort of class and sophistication normally reserved for upper-crust watering holes found in the swankiest hotels.

 443 Sheridan Road, Glencoe IL, 60022

A Summertime Shangri-La

Outside, you’ll find plenty of diversions to enjoy on pleasant days. There’s the heated, Mexican glass-tiled pool that sparkles in the sun like a legendary oasis. Kids young and old will love the water slide, and the poolside outdoor kitchen would have even the most discriminating barbecue enthusiast nodding in approval. Oh, and did we mention the basketball court?

 443 Sheridan Road, Glencoe IL, 60022

If you are considering making the Pabst Mansion your family home, then you’ll probably want to know the pertinent details, so here they are: nine bedrooms, eight full baths, and more than 14,000 square feet of living space.

More Mansion for Your Money

And you might also be interested to know that this historically significant home has sold for much more than the current asking price before. Back in 2000, software entrepreneur Marc Ewing bought the place for more than $7 million. At $5.2 million, it looks like an excellent investment to us. After all, they don’t build them like this anymore.

 443 Sheridan Road, Glencoe IL, 60022

Cheers To Your New Home!

Here’s to your new home! We’d like to propose a toast to your newfound luxurious lifestyle. And even if you’re the sort who typically drinks craft beer, it seems only fitting to fill your first glass with a can of ice-cold PBR. After all, without it this amazing place wouldn’t exist.

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