Tommy Lee of Motley Crue Fame Puts His Calabasas, CA Mansion Up For Sale

by Sasha CarterMay 17, 2016

Live Like a Rock Star: No Smoke Machine Required

Back in their heyday, Mötley Crüe were known for their bombastic live shows, their huge radio hits, and their dangerously excessive hedonistic lifestyle. Say what you want about the band, or about ‘80s glam metal in general, but there’s no denying that Crüe drummer Tommy Lee has done pretty well for himself.

Case in point: 24359 Masina Court. This stunning home is well equipped for the rock star lifestyle. Better yet, it’s currently for sale. Who says you can’t live like a rock god without learning to play a musical instrument?

24359 La Masina Ct, Calabasas CA, 91302

More Exclusive Than a Backstage Pass

Located in the ultra-exclusive gated community of Calabasas, California, this completely custom home is surrounded by other high-dollar estates. It boasts a commanding view of the valley below, as it’s situated on its own hilltop.

Here, you’ll feel like a rock star surveying your audience from the stage. Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about them interrupting the show; the gates in this community are guarded 24/7.

 24359 La Masina Ct, Calabasas CA, 91302

Maximum Rock, Maximum Luxury

Have you ever wondered what sort of amenities a rock star’s home might have? As you might expect, the list is pretty extensive.

There’s an indoor atrium in the middle of the home. Well, it’s only “indoor” until you retract the roof. In this home, you don’t even have to go outside to bask in the sunshine. And if you do decide to soak up some rays in the great outdoors, there’s a piano-shaped swimming pool. Talk about luxurious!

 24359 La Masina Ct, Calabasas CA, 91302

If you find yourself in need of some post-tour R&R, you’ll love the indoor koi pond. It’s the perfect place to sit and meditate or read a good book. After that, spend some time in the spa to sweat out any lingering toxins.

Or, if you’d rather watch the latest edit of your hit music video, make your way to the state-of-the-art home theater. This is no Theatre of Pain – It has a thunderous sound system, a stunning screen, and recliners so comfortable you’ll swear you’re sitting on a cloud.

Feeling inspired? No need to drive to the recording studio. This home comes equipped with a pro-caliber recording studio of its own. It’s an underground, 2,000 square-foot space with a top-of-the-line control room and two live recording rooms.

 24359 La Masina Ct, Calabasas CA, 91302

Too Fast for Love

Next to the recording studio, you’ll find the subterranean garage, where you can store your automotive collection in climate-controlled security. Don’t have a collection of fine exotics yet? Not to worry – with a garage like this, you’re sure to start one soon.

If you thought rock stars only drank Jack Daniels, well, you’d be mistaken. This rock-and-roll mansion has a spacious wine room with more than enough room for all of your most prized vintages. There’s even an additional kitchen, just in case you prefer to enjoy your wine with a snack.

 24359 La Masina Ct, Calabasas CA, 91302

This home has five spectacular bedrooms, but the master suite is undoubtedly the most lavish. The views from here will make you feel like you’re sitting on top of the world, and the master bath is top-flight. And as you might have guessed, the closets are positively cavernous. Hey – you have to keep your rock star wardrobe somewhere, right?

 24359 La Masina Ct, Calabasas CA, 91302

The Rock Star Lifestyle Awaits

OK, so maybe you never learned to play the drums. There’s no time like the present! And if the recording studio’s not to your liking, you could always turn it into an underground nightclub. What are you waiting for? At just under $6 million, 24359 Masina Court is a bargain.

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